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Custom Simucube front munting bracket by Sim-Lab ?


soon i gonna switch from the DD2 to the Simucube. Got sick and tired by the DD2`s quick release, Fanatecs beta-drivers for years on end and their productannouncements for products, that will come in 2035, maybe. (Podiumwheel line anyone ?) :rolleyes:

So the switch to Simucube is carved in stone. My rig is a custom 80/20 aluminum rig and i really would like to mount the Sim-Lab frontmounting bracket to it, as it looks awesome. The only problem is, that the distance between the uprights for holding the base, is 780mm. So i need a 780mm wide front mounting bracket.

Is Sim-Lab making custom mounts ? Or is there any other seller/builder in europe, that can make me a front mounting bracket for Simucube ?