Custom nVidia Inspector Profile - drastic graphical improvements!

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    • An nVidia video card. I've tested this on a GTX 1080 STRIX and a GTX 1050 card. This should work fine with 9xx series cards, and maybe even some of the higher end 780 cards. The game isn't all that demanding.
    • The latest nVidia drivers (currently 375.70 as of 11/8/2016)

    NOTE: This will not work for ATI, sorry folks!

    nVidia Profile Inspector Utility (Newest Version)
    Download Link

    Attached to the post is a custom profile for Unity based games (but this profile is specifically for NASCAR Heat Evolution, created from scratch) which disables the 60FPS cap on frame rate, disables the poor "in game" anti-aliasing with a driver forced 8xS GSSAA anti-aliasing setting, driver forced 16x anisotropic filtering (Heat Evolution has none at all by default) and a few other performance related tweaks to be sure your graphics card is running at Maximum Performance, as well as some custom LOD bias settings for the anisotropic filtering.

    Due to forum limitations, I had to upload the profile as a text file. Save this to your computer, but rename the extension from .txt to .nip so you can import it into nVidia Profile Inspector.

    The utility is pretty simple to use, but if you wish to read up a bit more about what it does and what each setting means, a good read is available at and may help if you find that you need to lower some of my custom settings for AA and AF in the profile.

    Simply launch nvinspector and click on the "Import" icon (pictured below) and browse to the location where you downloaded the profile attached to this thread to import the profile. Finally, click "Apply changes" and start up NASCAR Heat Evolution via Steam, as normal.


    If you want to take advantage of the unlocked frame rates, be sure and turn "V-Sync" OFF in the Graphics Options menu. It's also a good idea to set a "Custom" setting, and disable the Anti-aliasing provided by the game by setting it to OFF.

    The Goal!
    My goal with this is to verify whether or not tweaking these settings really has improved the visual quality and performance of the game, or if there is a bit of "placebo" effect going on.

    There is no question, for me, that the game runs more fluidly at the high FPS (130 to 160 depending on track and where you are in the field) and I don't experience the "stutters" that originally made me quit playing the game.

    I sat down, wrote this profile, and gave the game another shot. I ended up doing challenges and AI races for over 2 hours! By far the most pleasant experience I've had with the game, and it has changed my opinion significantly, as I am fortunate to have nVidia cards where these settings can be overridden at the driver level, despite poor code in the stock release.

    This has no impact on online play and does not modify any files associated with the game. If things don't work well for you, you should try lowering the AF and AA settings a bit to see if performance improves. If you find you're not happy, you can delete the profile and it won't be applied anymore.

    Look forward to hearing some feedback from others on this. I had a lot of fun once I got the game looking better and not feeling like I was bogged down by a poor frame rate.

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  2. Met_fan


    Sounds very interesting. Sadly I have an ati card...
    But can you post some screenshots of the game after the changes? Just curious how it looks now :)
  3. aowzone


    After further testing I don't believe this is working :(
    I have tried every known "Unity" behavior flag that I can find and no luck. I think the main performance gains I saw were from an unlocked framerate -- I had been locked at 30FPS because someone suggested that Every Other V Blank would help the random slowdowns but I don't think it helps.

    I'm about ready to just give up on this game.