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  1. Mic451


    I know that I have to duplicate a team to insert my custom number and a custom livery. I duplicated the suzuki team inserting: bike_602, bike_602_lod, chain_602, cus_glass_602, rim_602 and cus_suit_602. In this way I duplicated the team. I inserted my number in the file bike_602 and when i finished all i renamed all the file _900. After that i went to unpack the GFXGEM.MIX file in with mgpbmleditor i edit the file team suzuki and i copied the file team suzuki ecstar in i edited the id from 602 to 900 and after that i edit the cockpitlivery id from 602_604 to 602_900. After that i repacked the motogp2016.mix and the gfxgem.mix. I started the game and selected the suzuki bike in the time attack. the bike ad the official livery but without the custom number. i went to the free camera mode and i zoomed the bike and i saw all the bike black with the number.

    Anyone have any idea how to fix this thing?
  2. Vayte


    I don´t know what you did wrong but you can edit the font-files in menu.mix to get your custom number to show up on any bike through the ingame number selection.

    1. you can either "overpaint" single digits in the dds files

    2. or do it more advanced and add your whole number at once and edit the .bml file of the font
    for example using ingame 53
    1. delete number 5 and number 3 out of your
    2. add your numberimage somewhere in your
    3. go to fontname.bml and go to char53 whitch refers to number 5 in the .dds
    4. change the coordinates and the width/height to match the position of your number in the .dds file
    fidle around with it until you hit the sweetspot