Custom MODs, hosting classics on custom tracks.

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    For those who want to play online on the custom tracks that have been released now, i have made some rfmod files to use. For now, it's just the 1960's Classics on Putnam, Snetterton300 and Searspoint.

    Please note that I make a file for a single combination, i.e. Classics @ Putnam. This ensures that you only have to install the one track you want to host (And so does the ones that want to join).

    To play, you have to install the rfmod files on both the dedicated server, and the clients who want to join.

    Have fun with them :) You will see them be used in the rfactor2 club events soon.

    1960's Classic Formula (Default ISI)
    RACEDEPARMENT Classics @ Putnam 0.2 (Putnam Park version 0.2)

    RACEDEPARMENT Classics @ Searspoint 1.3 (Searspoint version 1.3 get all updates!)

    RACEDEPARMENT Classics @ Snetterton300 0.71 (snetterton300 version 0.71)

    All three tracks can be found in the Modding section of the forum.
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