Custom classes for mod cars and multi-class championships


Hey guys!

With the release of the RSS GT-N pack I was wondering how to group the gt1s, gtn's and the vrc prototypes to their own classes. I've managed to do it in CrewChief ( but I was wondering how to do it for the game as well (with Content Manager). I've added the same class "tag" to each car (fe: tried gt1 and #gt1) but not sure if it worked. Basically to get the position for a car relative to it's class.

Second question would be if I get these classes sorted out how will the custom championship allocate points for each car according to it's class position instead of overall position ?

Thanks a lot
Sometimes I just bunch cars who I want to race against one another in their own group. To do this I go into the UI folder of the car and open the text document of each car and change the brand name to say GT3 - should then show GT3 in the content manager brand car list. Then in that brand should be the cars you changed to be there. You can also get a very small custom image and put that same image in the UI folder of the cars you want in that same listing in content manager - this will have to replace the original one. So for example it should a picture of let's say an emu with the brand name GT3 and in that brand will be the cars you assigned to that brand. But don't worry, if you only change brand it won't change the real name of the car in your GT3 Group brand.

Either way back up as you go along incase I've explained it wrong or am wrong. I'm never totally sure unless I'm right by my PC which I'm not.

Thd above is one way of sorta doing it - the way you would like I would like also. A quick and easy way would be awesome but I don't think there is a way other thsn tags but I could be wrong. If you figure another way let us know! :)
Thank you. I will experiment and revert. Surprised not to have more information on this so far.

You can tag vehicles as much as you want, but in game there is no "class" system. All positions are overall, there are no class positions, unfortunately.

There might be an external third party app/system to track things so you can do a custom championship like this yourself, but there is currently no way to do a proper mixed class race in the sim.