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Custom Championship AI issues

Having some issues with Custom Championships in AC where I have created, as an example, a BTCC set of events. The problem I have is that the AI starts randomly failing to start the race.
Sometimes in qualifying, you'll get a number of entrants not running and registering no time.
Sometimes in the Race itself, you'll get a number of entrants that do not go anywhere from the grid, this could be 1 car or the entire grid, as if, when the lights go out, the AI lights go out and they've all fallen asleep.
Doesn't seem to happen in quick race, if I choose the same cars, track and number of opposition, just when the race if triggered from a championship.

Seems to be the same across different tracks, and will behave differently each time.

Is there a setting / mod / app that might be interfering with this.

I've tried from both (paid) Content Mgr and from AC's own starter.

Suggestions please !


If you look in AC's main log, it writes out what the AI is thinking about strategy (fuel for # laps, setup changes), might see something informative there.