Current Classes/Groupings in use

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008
All - Please find below the current classes and/or groupings that WE are currently using in the RD GTL Racing Club.

There are 5 classes running - TC65 / GTC65 / GTC72 / GTC76 / Gr.5

Some cars may belong to different classes in-game, but these are the classes that we run them in the Racing Club. (eg Lotus Elite is a GTC65 vehicle in-game, but we run it in the TC65 Class)

In addition, the TC65 & GTC65 Classes have subdivision Groups within them.

Blue = Default Vehicle / Red = Mod Vehicle.

TC65 Class
Group A
Abarth 1000TCR
Alfa Romeo 1300 Junior
Alfa Romeo GTA
Fiat 850 TCR
Ford Falcon
Lotus Cortina

Group B
Ford Mustang
Lancia Fulvia HF 1600
Mini Cooper
Toyota Corolla

Group C
Abarth 1000TC
Fiat 850 TC
Jaguar MkII
Lancia Fulvia HF 1200
Lotus Elite
Renault 8TS
TVR Grantura

GTC65 Class
Group A
AC Cobra 427
Ford GT40
Iso Grifo
Lotus Elan
Mini 1310
Porsche 904/4
Porsche 904/6
TVR 400

Group B
AC Cobra 289
Corvette 65
Ferrari 275 GTB
Fiat 131
Ford Escort Mk I FVA
Jaguar E-Type Lightweight
Shelby Daytona Coupe

Group C
Aston Martin DB4
Austin Healey 3000
Ferrari 250 SWB
Ford Falcon Rallye
Jaguar E-Type (Coupe)
Merc 300 SL
Renault Alpine
Shelby GT350
Triumph TR4
Volvo P1800

GTC72 Class
BMW CS2800
Corvette 74
DeTomaso Pantera GTS
Ford Capri RS2600
Ford Escort RS1600BDE
Nissan Skyline 2000
Porsche 911S
Porsche 914-6

GTC76 Class
BMW CSL Alpina
BMW CSL Schnitzer
Corvette 69
DeTomaso Pantera
Ford Capri RS3100
Ford Escort RS2000
Ford Mustang Boss 302
KI Carro
Opel Commodore 2800
Opel Commodore 3000
Opel GT 1900
Opel Kadett C
Porsche 906
Porsche 911RSR

Group 5 Class
BMW 320
Porsche 935