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CTDP2006 Wing Ranges

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Mick Martin, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Mick Martin

    Mick Martin

    I am having trouble with rear wing setting in differing cars, we run a league and would like to run the league pysics, but when we arrive in the server (in single player also, wheather we are running league physics or not) and go to change setup, we can only lower the rear wing of any car down to 52deg. Apart from the Ferrari and Renault which can go as low as 10deg. on a straight we have tested for speed and we got the ferrari and the renault upto 215mph, with the rest of the field only doing tops, 193mph. I have looked through all of th HDV files to compare:

    RWRange=(10, 1.0, 65)

    Well as you know they are all the same with these values.
    We would really like to run all the cars in the league, but I am at a loss as to how to fix this.


    I have discovered that only the BMW, Ferrari & Renault rear wing would go as low as 10deg, but all the rest would not go below 52deg. As a test I bought the forwarded morrors for all of the cars that did not allow a rearwing setting lower than 52deg, doing so has seemed to unlock the range of the, Honda & the Super Aguri Honda. I have also noted that the front wing ranges are incorrect also.

    BMW -/
    Honda -/
    Mclaren -X
    Midland/spyker -X
    Renault -/
    Toyota -X
    Redbull -X
    Ferrari -/
    torro rosso -X
    SA Honda -/
    Williams -X

    All the cars with /, Front wing range: 1-65, Rear wing range: 10-74deg
    All the cars with X, Front wing range: 1-45, Rear wing range: 52-74

    All HDV files match with regard to rear wing range.

    Quote from your manual:
    4. Aerodynamics
    Front wing will be configured from 1 to 65 (in steps of 1), meanwhile the rear wing
    will be between 10 and 74 degrees.

    If anyone has any info on how to fix this, calling all rFactor Guru's. Please help.
  2. Mick Martin

    Mick Martin

    Sorry moderator(s), I just realised i posted this in the wrong place please excuse me :)
  3. Ryan Callan

    Ryan Callan

    Not in the wrong place at all Mick (unless someone already moved it).

    I can't help unfortunately, I don't have much experience with CTDP.
  4. Mick Martin

    Mick Martin

    Solution vs fixed

    LOL at myself for not spotting it before.

    I have used a "VehicleConfigLeague.ini" file to acheive League physics, this has seemed to sort the rear wing issue for me.
    Contents of the file:

    // Force League Physics

    Track Configuration=0 ( I had changed this to "0" I do hope this is for Pre-season testing setup)
    Track Conditions=0
    League Pack=1

    So we have a solution, I mean me cos im the only 1 working on it, im a :soldier:
    However the rearwing problem would still be an issue if we were to use the individual physics of each car, so not fixed.

    So still, any help would be very much appreciated.
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