CTDP AFD 1994 for rFactor Released

Ramon van Rijn

RaceDepartment Co-Founder
May 19, 2007
CTDP AFD 1994 for rFactor

© 2009 CTDP - Version 1.0 - Date: 1. April 2009


Gentlemen, please start your timemachine.
Recreating a Formula One season with today's state of the art technologies is one thing. Recreating the look and feel of the year, the season was running is another. CTDP is proud to present you the Back-in-the-Days-Edition of the 1994-mod. Sit down in your 1994 race car! Enjoy the high-polygon-models of 1994 and the high-resolution-textures of Grandprix-2 will blow your mind.

  • 2 high detail model of 1994: low and raised nose
  • All teams from the season 1994
  • No track liveries at all!
  • Blurry, barely unrecognisable helmets, which serve the illusion!
  • no new physics and tyre physics
  • 3D tyres that spin!
  • menu with 256 colors!
  • Fully skinnable with every GP2 texture ever released!
So have Fun!


Title: CTDP AFD 1994 Version 1.0 Author:CTDP - Cars & Tracks Development Project Other Works:
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  • BMW Sauber 2007 for rFactor (ISI)
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Base: Model based on Preview-model of Steven Young's GP2edit
All textures property of GrandPrix2 and Microprose © 1996 Known Bugs: Hey it's April's fools day, come one Build Time: March 30th and 31th 2009
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It's not allowed to copy anything from this package without explicit permission from CTDP.
You use this MOD at your own risk! We're not responsible in case of problems and/or damages.
You do not have permission to put this package on any cover-cds without our explicit permission.
This modification may not be distributed for any commercial purposes.
If you are a webmaster feel free to mirror this mod, please tell us if you want to be noted as mirror on our website. We just want to keep overview.


  • To install the CTDP AFD 1994, run the installation and install it into your rfactor-directory.
  • Select CTDP AFD 1994 in your Mod-Menu in rFactor. Done, ready to go, simple as pie.
  • This mod is built for rFactor Version 1.255f. Problems may occur with older versions of rFactor.


Use the uninstallation to remove CTDP from rF.



  • Alexander Borro
  • Ilkka Lahtinen

  • Daniel Senff

  • Roland Niemann

  • Daniel Fredrich

  • Microprose and Geoff Crammond for the gorgeous original GrandPrix2!
  • Steven Young and his GP2edit and his GP2 model in this tool, on which the models are loosely based on.