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CSW set up advice

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by markturner, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. markturner


    Hi, I have read the various set up threads but am struggling to get my CSW wheel to feel like I want it to. I also have project cars and in that, driving my favourite car, the BAC mono, I have fantastic feel, you can really feel the car sliding through the wheel and can use the wheel feedback to finely judge the drift and steer it on the throttle. I am struggling however to get anything like the degree of "feel" for the car in AC.

    Currently, I have the settings as advised in the last post of the set up thread and all my effects in game at zero, but am still plagued by a judder on the wheel when turning hard in a corner, in Pcars, as I drift the car,the wheel will follow the drift and you can feel it push back against you as the traction breaks then snap back again. I cant get anything ;like that in AC, I just seem to get lots of juddering and shaking, when I really should not in hard cornering, especially in an open cockpit car on slicks...

    I am keeping the road slip and kerb effects at zero until I get a good base set up, I dont want over the top banging around, I just want to feel what the wheels are doing. How can I get rid of the judder?

    And how does the damper setting in the pit set up generic settings effect things?

    Thanks, Mark
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