CSR (standard) disconnections

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Andrew Ford, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Operation FTPWMC latest (FInd the problem with my CSR)

    ok so here's some of the theories/possible causes people have suggested on the forums:

    overheating/excessive use.
    force feedback problems
    wireless interference
    old firmware

    static electricity build up.
    headset interference

    so far ive worked out it's nothing to do with force feedback. twice yesterday i turned the ffb off in game and on the wheel. Still disconnected. I dont feel now it;'s anything to do with overheating either. Each time i had disconnected i was aware that my body temperature had increased during races. however, last night i went online for 30% race and after bout 10 laps (still cool in room, me cool, wheel cool) it disconnected.

    I'm not completely ruling out wireless intereference - it was only after i bought some new wireless telephones that i experienced problems witht he csr. however, there seems to be no consistency with this idea. my csr was fine for 3 weeks with several wireless devices switched on around the room. for this reason, i don't believe this it the problem.

    static electricity. i'm not sure about this as i don't know much about it. however, my csr is on a racing wheel which is grounded. does it build up over time? what causes it? last night i went and sat down at the wheel and it disconnected within 20minutes. surely it wouldn't have had time to "build up" ? not ruling this out but doubtful.

    i've also update the firmware to the 706 version as suggested by the support team.

    the final theory is about headset interference. strangely, some people are suggesting that the ms wireless headset is the only solution and that interference comes from the mic port of the csr. i find it hard to believe that a company which designs expensive steering wheel for different platforms didnt want to make it completely compatible, but a number of users have experience problems with the headsets and sound interference.One thing i have noticed (which other users have noted) is that i've never disconnected in offline mode. I THINK THIS IS SIGNIFICANT. i've worn the headset offline and not disconnected - the only difference being that i wouldn't have had the microphone plugged in. last night i disconnected the headset from the wheel (the microphone part i think) and had no further disconnection. i will try this again today. i'm not convinced yet as, even online, i rarely have the mic switched on.
    i will give it a try tho.

    if anyone has found evidence to the contrary or in support of my ideas so far please let me know so that i can try an piece the puzzle together. obviously, it could be nothing to do with any of these things but i'll try and get to the bottom of it eventually! thanks
  2. Jari Vinnari

    Jari Vinnari

    Try disabling USB legacy support in the BIOS of your motherboard.

    WARNING: Dont try this if you dont have backup P/S2 keyboard or keyboard adapter.You cant enter BIOS with USB legacy support disabled.

  3. Tom Moreno

    Tom Moreno

    I used to have periodic problems with disconnections playing Forza online with the fine gentlemen from RD. Since updating to firmware 737 I haven't had a single disconnection.