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CSP/SOL fireworks during daytime thunderstorm


Anyone know how to potentially alter an .ini to help with the following?

I have CSP set to display fireworks at night and at end of race (works great). But if I initiate a heavy thunderstorm at noon, the sky gets quite dark and fireworks begin as the fireworks are under the impression that it is night time.

The issue must be with CSP and not Sol, is there a way to tell fireworks that night=time_specific as opposed to dark_specific?

My root issue is that I cannot hear thunder during the thunderstorm since the fireworks are going off. Before you reply with "just turn fireworks off", please save yourself the energy, otherwise what is the point of editing multiple mods?

In particles_fx.ini my settings are


I doubt what I am asking is possible, but just wanted to check with you experts. Thanks in advance

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