CSL Elite Wheel Problem

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by racingenthusiast, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. racingenthusiast


    Hi I spent 500 euros and nothing is working for me.

    I brought the CSL elite bundle, and a GT Omega racing stand. The pedals do not hard mount to the stand because the drilled holes do not align with the holes in the pedal.
    Second issue when I plug the csl elite wheel in it says its downloading devices but it just freezes and nothing downloads....
    Therefore I downloaded the drivers manually however when I switch on my wheel it does the usual thing where it spins around and sets up itself but when it stops spinning the wheel is not centred, it like 20 degrees to the left

    Does anyone know how I can fix the centring issue for the wheel please googled it for hours and cant find a solution.

    In addition does anyone know a wheel stand that is compatible with my csl elite wheel and pedals please?

    I spent so much money and feeling depressed would be great if someone could help me, ty.