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CSL Elite pedals mods?

Pots have gone on my pedals again, last time Fanatec just sent me out new ones, this time they are acting like McDonalds when you ask for sauce.
I am wondering if someone has come up with a hall sensor mod or something similar? Or even if anyone knows where I can get better quality pots?
Thanks in advance, and please don't say "Buy Heusinkveld". I really wish I could but I can't.
My CSL Elite throttle pedal has stopped working all together and I wonder is it the Potentiometer gone on that as well. I only had mine pedals for two days and the throttle just stopped. Everything else works fine but nothing on the throttle
If it has stopped all together it may be something else. Could be a problem with the wires or similar. Usually when pots go the input gets very spiky and eventually the pot seizes up.
That's awesome David. Way beyond me, but I can appreciate the engineering that went into that. :) Is that a motorcycle brake caliper?
about £25 on amazon.
very easy to install,you just remove the 2 bolts holding the brake pads in,insert 2 of the fanatic hard bushings in the hollow brake pistons,insert the pads and job done.

regards the throttle,you could try some electrical contact spray direct onto the pot that's not working,i know mine went bad that's why I did this mod.

if you want to replace the throttle pot like I did you need a Vishay pot,some 1/8th scale rc car linkages,a metal servo horn with screw and you have to drill the middle out to 6mm,its fairly easy to do
I just found people doing hall effect sensors for CSL elite. Their website seems to be still under construction but it seems that you can order a set by emailing them.

EDIT: Didn't realize this thread was quite old... but the hall effect sensor mod above seems to be quite new.
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Wilko Jones

3 Months into owning the CSL Elite pedals and the throttle started spiking on me. Looks like it's time to get in contact with simracingshop. I'm not even going to attempt to send them back to Fanatec. I already knew that the potentiometers were temperamental, but I didn't expect they'd start acting up so soon.
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