CSL elite noise an issue?


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Dec 10, 2018
Hi All,

Just looking for a bit of advise. I'm considering a CSL elite base however have seen videos of people using it and experiencing a banging on noise on some Sims.

Have any of you had experience with AC, DIRT or F1 2018 and this problem?




Fanatec Community Manager
May 8, 2018
Hi Dan,

The 'banging' you are referring to is likely a result of the single belt drive mechanism. The amount of noise generated is affected by many variables, including the choice of sim, the choice of car/track/surface, the car setup, the in-game force feedback settings, the tuning menu settings, etc. Even the surface that the base is clamped to has an effect (either absorbing or resonating the sound). You can reduce this by adjusting the Drift Mode setting (lower values add more damper), and the FEI setting (lower values smooth out the signal).

In most sims, with the optimal settings, this noise is minimal (aside from extreme situations like heavily serrated kerbs). The noise is not an indication of a problem, is normal for this mechanism, and does not affect the torque performance or steering accuracy of the base.
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