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CSL DD mods.. adapted my push/pull and made a shaft cover

Push/pull thread (still on CSW2.5 there) for anyone interested in seeing more about it https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/diy-push-pull-rally-shifter.199295/#post-3352940

As per the title, here's some pics on CSL and the flush-look shaft cover I made since it looked like it skipped shaft day or had chicken leg without it :p

edit: Thingieverse link for shaft cover found here --> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4966825



Never skip shaft day...



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Tis a much neater look though. The clamp seems a bit odd - non symmetrical, and a little bit like it's stuck on. Often squint too (shudder!)

Wheel and base look much better for the mod.

And... tighten the bolt as SGT says. Good work!
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Looking at this picture, I see that you did not apply enough torque to tighten the bolt.
When the bolt is tightened enough it should be almost at the same level of the clamp.
The recommended torque is 10 Newton meters.


Interesting, I'll have to check it with a torque wrench to see where the tip of mine rests at 10nm. My bolt is black and yours is silver, suggesting they might use different screws there so it's possible there are a few mm variance in thread length as well so I'll check that after torquing it. In the pic it's probably not too tight cause I was taking it on/off on the bench for pics but good to know.
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