CS WB V2.5 Steering Wheel Setup Questions

Hello: I purchased a V2.5 wheelbase and can't find much clear information to fit it with my choice of steering wheel. I'd like to purchase a Fanatec Quick Release and fit it with the same Sparco steering wheel that's in my race car. The plan is to also build a button box to mimic my car's dash, I don't need or want buttons on the wheel. Is this possible? I've read something about needing electronics associated with the wheel to enable force feedback to work...or something like that. I'm confused, any advise is appreciated.



You have to buy the universal hub or the podium hub in order to use any non Fanatec wheel. The wheelbase won’t work without it. They have I believe the 70mm and 50mm bolt patterns, but check the site for more info.
You can buy the universal hub and attach the wheel to it. That will work. Otherwise you are left with the DIY route. Unless some boutique shop sells ready made adapters.