WIP Croydon GP

Fantasy street race based in Croydon, South London, UK.

Currently V0.8, not public yet.

Strange thing: The AI can go through the tyre barriers and walls, even though I have set them to Collideable, and I cannot pass through them. What's going on there?



I've heard this problem before (AI-Walls), but can't remember the solution. Just on the chicane in your 4th pic, you should go to sobjects, then select one of the kerbs, then (in the dialogue box) go to the properties (i think it's a tab) an you'll see 3 buttons - representing straight, curved and "the other one with those little pink nodes" (don't remember the names of those). Pick the latter of those three and then drag the little pink things out (they eill be hidden inside the big red node). This should stop your kerbing from buckling after you fiddle with it for a bit. Also, I think you should do one of the following:

1. Either move the 1st apex's tyre wall and kerb towards where the picture was taken or the 2nd apex's further away.
2. Move the 1st apex closer to the wall.

The reason I say these things is because I think that chicane is a bit slow and tight, a bit like the new Bus stop at Spa Francorchamps. Well, more tight than slow, but I like (and this may go for others as well) Fast chicanes where you can really belt the living daylights of the car out over the kerbs. Maybe not ideal for real life, but this is rfactor, simracing. As well as the realsim, It's also about enjoying yourself, the tracks you drive on and the cars you drive. If you had exactly the same freedom in real life, simracing probably wouldn't exist.

Anyways, you can ignore that if you like, i think my fingers have a mind if their own!:wink:
Basically what I'm trying to say is that I like these sorts of chicanes:

Would love to see a chicane like this one:D:D:D

Kris Vickers

The AI will go through walls etc. if the corridor lines pass throug hthat object.

You need to make sure your corridor lines dont come into contact with anything.
Something like the old Monza chicanes like they had in 2000, but with tyre walls? Sounds cool.

I have another problem: the underpass area in the first pic can easily be taken at 120mph in an f1 car but the AI take it at about 30 or 40. I am using Dazor's PLR file so the AI is fully upgraded and very hard to beat on other circuits. I have tried smoothing the entrance using the pink 'control points' in the right and front views but with no luck in-game. I want to keep this section of track as it is the highlight of the lap and I built the circuit around it. Is there another way of smoothing this part of the circuit?

BTW ignore the road textures and the holes between the roads and wall because that was an earlier screenshot and everything apart from the smoothness of the drop is improved. You are looking at the exit in the photo. As my BTB trial has expired I can't get another screenshot until my dad can buy the licence.

Kris Vickers

Wit hthe overpass, there are issues wit hthe AI path created in BTB if they overlap in any way.

Only fix (i think) is to use the rF dev tools to create the centre and fast path etc. then copy paste all the way point info into your existing AIW.

But be careful, its easily messed up when copy/pasting into the AIW file, so make a backup, then back that up and then make a backup of that. Then lock it away somewhere safe.
I built another track in BTB before this one with the pit lane going under the track with no problems...
BTW the track is the blue arrow, the pitlane is the pink.
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