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Crema Test Complex

Tracks Crema Test Complex 1.20

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rmi_wood submitted a new resource:

Crema Test Complex - Classic track from Netcar/Netbike

Crema Test Complex

"Originally from the demo of Netbike by Kunos (and Netkar Pro) Crema Test Complex offers 2 distinct layouts suitable for testing, and racing with your friends or AI. Also included is the famous skidpad for ultimate grip and suspension tuning. Located somewhere in the Roman countryside in Italy, Crema will delight and offers a challenging circuit, full testing facilities and a cozy welcome center for hardcore racers and the casual weekender"
- rmi_wood 2021...

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Hey bro, really nice track ;) i made a vid in collab with Atrupelator (camstools) hope you like it !!!

I have one piece of feedback for a next version, and that would be to move the lap finish line a bit further back on the straight and maybe move the starting grid positions backwards as well. You will get better performance out of AI if they have longer distance to t1 after lap reset if the AI cars have a longer braking zone, the ai wont be able to detect the braking zone ahead if the lap resets during the braking zone

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