Creating a new league for Quick Races


Hi there.

Im wanting to use the 1967 F1 cars in a quick race, but they do not appear as choices for Ai cars.

I saw allusions to the possibility that ther eis a way to add new leagues to the selection choices, but no real explanation.

So far im only able to use them in practice sessions.

Help please?


TO clarify...

I am only able to TEST DRIVE the f1 cars from the dealers quick other options to drive them.

Anytime I try to select a quick race, the F1 league is not selectable option to include in the race.

This happens regardless of which I select races from the main menu or from MY GARAGE.

F1 do you actually use these cars?


- Go to GameData folder
- open SIM-GTC.GDB with notepad
- delete all single cars entries (keep only TC65-GTC65-GTC76)
- add the new classes of your choice (check EXACT tags in your CAR files at "classes=" line
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