Creating a multirace session

Spanners MAP

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Nov 21, 2018
Hi. I 'm new to the forum and seeking help. I am running sessions for my podcast audience to join me for some iRacing. We had a reasonable session last night but encountered a few issues.
  • We couldn't select a multi-race session that didn't split the field into heats (So half were sitting out
  • We had to run a single race and then have everyone leave and re-join. it worked for the smaller number we had but if it's 30 drivers in the future it's a right faff
  • for the life of us we couldn't figure out how to be a spotter so our commentator and live stream director had to join the session. I'm sure it's easy but we just couldn't find the option.
If anyone can give any tips on creating events in general that would be cool. Ideally we just want a session that you can join and just have multiple races so that people are only joining once and the user can start a race at will and then after that trigger another race etc. Or even just have 4 races lined up that people can join even if they miss the first race. Is any of that possible?

Most of the people are in a discord chat but not all so it's difficult to get people to change events.

Regards Spanners