Crash to desktop at end of sessions

Ant Creasy

Hi guys, I went for my first online GTR 2 race last night and had a crash to desktop at the end of practice. I was monitoring someone else and clicked the on board sound button at around the same time so thought it might be that, but then at the end of qualifying the exact same thing happened, this time I was just waiting patiently in the pits. I have the latest patch installed.


Windows 7 x64
HD4870 with latest drivers
G27 with latest drivers
SoftTH for 3 monitors (might be a problem)

The mods I'm using (all of which I will delete next time as possible causes, but maybe you guys are already aware of which ones may give problems) are:

Street Wars Advanced Garage and FFB Menu by damusto
New car reflections 1.1 by Black Op
Xenon headlights v1.0 by Spuddy0108

I also downloaded the unlock files for all tracks and cars.

But I can join servers and race away no problems, it's just when the server advances to the next session. Everything else on my computer works fine. I use the SoftTH in Race ON without problems.

Thanks in advance if someone can help.


Wayne Reed

Hi ant the only thing i think it could be is the softh they only thing i can think to do is reinstall gtr2 and just put on the patch and head lights and see it you get on with it. i cant see it being the mods i have loads on mine and have no troble with. i will ask about to see if anyone has had the same problem with the 3 screen softwere:)

Wayne Reed

Hi ant i now know why it is doing it it is the software does not like online play with gtr2 it will work ok ofline and some one said that if you are in the room when the sesion changes then you should not get a CTD or you could just remove the soft were hope it hlps m8:)
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