Crash behaviour MotoGP games


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Jun 16, 2019
I'm wondering if I am the only one Who is so f*** up by the way how crashes are handled in the motogp games.

This quick respawns are ridiculous. E.g on Sachsenring I crashed as Leader in the second Round and got respawned on 5th place!

Another fact is that its not possible that a rider did not finish (dnf). And due to that the top 10 to 15 are nearly always the same riders.

If Milestone is not able to do what already RoadRash Could do 25 years ago (rider has to pick up his bike btw. even in GTA you can/have to do it manually) then they should at least increase respawn respawn time!!! and optional you should have the option that crashed riders are just out of the race = dnf

The risk of crashing is one of the most important thrills of motogp and Milestone is still not able to recognize this in 2019! I cant believe it.

Is There any chance to get a Statement From Milestone to this issue?

What do you guys Think absolut it?
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Sep 26, 2010
I would love to see the rider pickup bike thing, if I crashed out in first place I wouldn't be expected to fight my way back to first again and accept my situation. Turning the clock back a bit when I seriously played some of the older F1 titles, if I ran wide or crashed out in to gravel trap, even though the game would allow me to drive out, I didn't. I retired the car for realism in career mode. Only if the crash spin etc took me ovee the gravel to the run off I might consider continuing on.
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Jun 20, 2016
JJ686 - at first I thought I posted this :) Exactly my thoughts... I scream about this every year, but no results.
In Superbike2000 riders also picked up their bikes. There will be a sim called "Bike Sim Experience", - there will be all this...