Couple Questions..

Greg Wyatt

Apr 6, 2009
First up V.7 is going great so far Piddy, thumbs up..

I have a few questions..

1. Can I adjust the height of the objects that I use from xpacks ?? I have unticked the box 'rest on ground' but I can't adjust where I want the objects ie through the ground.. With the walls you can adjust the walls to go through anything, ground etc but unless I am missing something I can't seem to move the objects in the same way..

2. Is there a way to not duplicate textures ??

My xpack doesn't load duplicates but when I export it seems to be duplicating the textures.. sure I can manually remove and adjust the files to only load one texture but surely there is a more simple way and something I am missing..

My track is coming closer & closer for release, as I get closer I would like to minimize the size of the directory by removing the duplicates that are not needed.

Cheers if anyone can help..


Apr 1, 2009
Another question here ...

It is posible create the road and terrain mesh, put objects if you want and

export to rFactor file format WITHOUT any material and textures on it?

I mean a simply clean mesh, to keep the retexturing work, easy and cleaner

in Max 7.

Thanks and have a nice day.


Mar 28, 2009
HI, radar, to move an object up and down, hold y key, and move it with the mouse.:)