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couple of Fanatec wheel questions


Recently got the Fanatec DD1 wheelbase. Without getting into discussion on value for the money, very pleased with it, and have so far only used it on low torque.

Got the Formula V2 wheel at the same time.

Question 1: how hard should it be to take the wheel off? It takes a lot of force to get it off, I have to be very careful, or it will smack me in the chest when it comes off the rubber ring.

Question 2: Any views on the Porsche 918 RSR wheel? Reason I ask, is that when looking for reviews, most are from 2015, so apparently this is quite an old wheel. Wondering if folks are still happy with it.

Yes that's normal for steering wheel removal , I too have almost smacked myself in the face but you get better at it the more you do it.

I have the Mclaren GT3 V2 wheel on my DD1 and I personally think it's the perfect wheel , I use it for everything , even rally , it feels really nice in the hands and has the perfect dimensions and ergonomics , I run mine at high torque with no flex/problems on my DD1 and also is very good value , I highly recommend this wheel , I have no interest in any of the other Fanatec wheels as they seem really really expensive in comparison with no real benefit and the Mclaren GT3 does everything I want and feels really good.
Also the rubber grips are so much better than alcantara which wears out way to quick and feels crap , the rubber feels nicer to hold and is very robust , easier to clean , I also have the Mclaren GT3 V1 that has been used a couple of hours every day for the last 2 years and it still feels and looks like new whereas my friend got a formula V2 wheel 6 months ago and it has already worn the alcantara down and he is a bit pissed because of this.


Porsche 918:
I had the now called "wrc" wheel for 2 years, the formula black/carbon wheel for a few months and the McLaren V1 wheel for about a year.
The formula wheel was too small for my taste, fingers didn't fit into the holes so it was quite a bit uncomfortable.
Sold it and bought the McLaren wheel, which had superb ergonomics but that "snapdome" shifter was too stiff and felt like plastic... The v2 now has normal clicky shifters and magnets Afaik so should be awesome.
However the wheel is full plastic and felt a little cheap..

The round Alcantara rim (P1, now wrc) was nice. A bit thin and also snapdome shifters which feel a bit weird, but a lot better than on the McLaren V1!

Anyway, I sold both wheels to get the Porsche 918 in the black Friday sale.
Awesome wheel, feels a lot better! Grips nice!
It has little thumb raisings which lock your thumbs in and the buttons are all nice.
Shifters are a bit soft and very clicky with too much throw but I adjusted them to have less through and now they really feel awesome.

The LEDs are super bright so I have them disabled. I've never hurt my fingers on the led strip!

Overall just an awesome wheel!

Not the same ergonomics as the McLaren wheel because you simply have the "T-bar" behind your middle and ring fingers, but I really love to drive with it and would recommend it any day!

My only critique would be that the thumb raisings are little bit too small if I want to fully wrap my hands around the rim, but I barely do it.
I prefer to have them over not having them at all!

And the buttons are a bit "gamey", but at least you can feel the click!