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CotM TC65 Lotus Cortina Amaroo / Melbourne (sprint / feature) Sat 20th June 09

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Frank Herfjord

Sign me up as well. My goal is to last at least half a race before being lapped tonight. And I hope that eventually some other n00bs will show up for me to race with :)

Luc Frachon

Mar 2, 2008
Can I join too, however I might have to quit suddenly at any point as my daughter is supposed to get back home with the neighbours around 9:30. Hopefully it will happen during practice.

Amir Margalit

Jan 25, 2008
Damned Nvidia driver freeze, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, seriously PEED OFF!!

same here mate. 4 laps to the end. 2nd place closing on warren in 1st place. loc 3 seconds behind me and then bam screen freeze and i find myself 5 seconds behind loc. :pissed-off:
i am so disapointed i don't know what to do. i even replaced my card to an older nvdia 9400gt and still this idiotic problem continius.
as for the race warren was doing such a hot pace that i don't really belive i could catch him.luc was closing on me and the last laps could have been a blast. and then another freeze. i think i will have to reformat or buy a new pc. don't know what to do any more with this issue. :curse:
any way wd warren and thx everyone for a good race.

Glenn Morris

Mar 12, 2009
Yup. Gotta love Australia. Kick arse tracks. Kick arse accents. Damn fine Rum. Best sheilas in the damn world!

Amaroo was interesting. I love the track but was getting a little frustrated cos no matter what I did, I couldnt get under 60 seconds.
Quali'd last methinks and on the run up bitupave got past olly after his jump start. Into the next turn, here's Warren facing the wrong way on the grass.
After that, I thought I might be up for a good race, cos I was sitting with a decent group of blokes then I'm not sure what happened in the last corner, but Amir was sittin the in middle of the track. Only just glanced him, but it pushed me off into Koala hunting mode. The words that ran through my head are kinda unprintable. Anyway, race was rooted by then, so I tried my hand at Cortina drifting... kinda unsuccessfully.

Albert park was much more to my liking. Have done a ****eload of laps here in the past on Evo and knew the track quite well. When it's all setup, it's only an hour from my place, so it's almost a home track for me.
Managed some competitive midfield times in practice and quali and for the first lap or 2 i managed to stay with Stu and Luc. Ended up by myself for a while until I rolled it on lap 9, letting Avi and Frank past. Raced Frank for a bit till he pulled into the pits and then was by myself for a while.

Great racing though. Love these little Cortinas. Such a fun little car to drive.

Thanks for setting this one up Stu. Was good to see an Aussie get a win too! :woop:

Luc Frachon

Mar 2, 2008
Another fantastic night!

Race 1 wasn't so good to be honnest although I love the Amaroo track. I qualified 2nd but at the end of lap 1, went wide and hit the barrier quite hard, which flipped my car almost upside down. Amir couldn't avoid me and hit me very hard, which ruined his race. Sorry mate!
After that the car was not driving properly, steering was badly off-centre. I waited for Amir but then hit him again! So I waited some more for him to recover. By which time, we were running quite far down the order. At one point I also hit Warren.
Also, I just watched the replay and saw the havoc I caused at the end of lap 1. Apologies to everyone affected.
Sorry guys, I just wasn't concentrating enough I think.

Race 2 was a lot better, although I missed nearly all of practice as I was putting my 6-year old daughter to bed. So I just had a go at qualifying and ended up 4th, which wasn't bad.
I started behind Amir and started chasing him. While trying to pressure him, I found myself quite far from the ideal line through the very fast esses and I had to lift the throttle a lot, which allowed Gaynall to pass me at the end of the following straught. I was then 5th, until he spun in front of me, which allowed Stuart to pass me. Still 5th then.
I chased Stuart for a couple of laps but he was defending well. I finally managed to pass him and then began the chase for Amir, which went on for nearly the entire race, with around 3 seconds between us most of the time. That was a great moment for both of us. We even pitted on the same lap, so I was wacthing him in the mirror getting his car fueled up!
After the stop, we were still some 3 seconds apart, as if pitstops had never happened.
Then, just when I was finally starting to slowy getting closer to Amir, his car froze on the track. When he got unstuck, he was now around 3 seconds behind me.

By then, I had a lot more practice on that track and I started improving my lap times a lot. Warren was around 10 seconds ahead so it was hopeless anyway, but I just wanted some fun and managed a nice 2.24.9. A shame I didn't find that sort of speed earlier... Anyway, finished second, feeling sorry for Amir - first the huge shunt, then a computer freeze. Well done Warren for an awesome win.

I found I was driving the Cortinas completely differently at Melbourne, compared to Amaroo. The latter was all about slides, whereas at Melbourne I was faster when I was very neat in my driving. Awesome little cars though.

Thanks Stuart for organising this, I am very impressed by the energy you put into these events and the ever increasing following you get. 11 drivers tonight, not bad for a 5 year-old game:

Frank Herfjord

I had a blast tonight. Many nice fights, too bad I was usually in the wall at the end of them, lol. The first track was great. Albert Park perhaps not so much. I didn't know the track too well and had a hard time finding the correct braking points. It's much easier to learn from the dark rubber marks found on most circuits, than to use just the #of meters signs on this track.

And the car, oh man the car. I had pretty much forgotten what a blast it is to drive GTL, and the force feedback is sooo much better than gtr evo since I got a tweaked .plr file. I'll definately be doing more of these races.

Olaf: I scared you a bit on L18 in the last race, didn't I? I was disoriented after a major crash and was heading the wrong way in one of the fastest parts of the track. We had a really hard hit! I'm glad it was so late in the race that you gained a position instead of loosing several from the banged up car.

Warren Dawes

Mar 1, 2007
Yet another top notch GTL session, all good fun, and best of all no freezes for me. I have almost every GTRE race ruined by freezes, but it seems GTL is kinder to me (or my system). Unfortunately, Sam and Amir didn't have so much luck though. I totally agree with Frank too, the FFB in GTL is the best I have experienced in any sim, and the Cortina is soooo nice to drive (almost as good as the Mini :smile: ).

Great little track and can be pretty tricky too. This race certainly had plenty of action, and I moved up and down the placings like a yo yo, but others seemed to be doing the same. I think I got to run with everyone at some stage (except for Sam of course).
I got hit from behind in lap 1, spinning me off and dropping to last. I then moved up to about P5 after some more laps, but Luc tagged me, sending me off into the gum trees, but didn't see any koala's Glenn. That left Luc and I almost last again as I farted around for ages getting the car back on track. Somehow, after others had some more offs, I was locked in a battle behind Amir for P4 but his car was sliding wildly, so I waited and tried to pull off another one of our "classic" side by side finishes, but as we went around the last bend, I didn't anticipate Amir would close the door as tight, so we touched, sending him off into a huge rollover. Really sorry Amir, we were set for a photo finish there (yet again). I pulled over and let everyone through.

Totally different track and a very different race. Like Glenn, I was very familiar with the track from a previous event, except this time we had dry weather (very strange for Melbourne :smile: ) and the great little cortina.
Somehow I managed pole (Sam must have been feeling kind to me).
Sam bolted off the line like a jack rabbit and lept to a 3 second lead after about 2 laps, I don't know how you hit your straps soo quickly mate, very impressive (or maybe I'm too old and take too long to settle). After that, I seemed to be able to keep up with Sam and keep the gap the same, and was looking forward to seeing if I could make any ground on him as I found some rhythm, but suddenly Sam's car froze on the back sweeper, right in front of me. I thought I was a gonner as I couldn't swerve past him, but it turned out to be a ghost, phew!!.
After that I maintained a consistent pace, even survived the pitstop without drama, and was able to ease off a tad towards the end (to avoid any stupid spins) and take the win.

Bad luck to Sam, and also Amir, I share your pain with these NV freezes, they are killing GTRE for me.

Thanks to all who raced, it was a good roll-up, and lots of fun. Nice for us Aussies to get some Aussie tracks too. Thanks again Stu, you are a marvel for what you are doing for GTL here. My favourite game and group too. :smile:

Hans Sneep

Sep 19, 2007
A bit of a mixed race evening, do to my Comp.problems of this weak I had no time to practice the tracks. Amaroo not unknown did some races there and with the setup from Sam it had to be good,still not able to go under 1 min.
1.00.199 in Quali , 10 place on the start bud in the first lap a pile up on the strait not to avoid kickt me off,then trying to get bag and pushing to hard result in to much slipoffs so ended on place 10,bud lots of fun racing on this track.

Melbourn layout was complete new fore me so I struggle a lot to set a time or to do good lap times in the race, second time I forgot to fill up the full for the race so pit in lap 6 or so back on the track again and trying to race again to much off do to wrong breaking points there was a moment I thought I quit, bud that is something I all most never do ,so take the time to learn the track for the next time.

Thanks guys for Racing,next time better


Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008
A relatively mixed night for me, 2 decent results, 2 fairly lonely races, but (and I think most drivers will agree with me here, judging from the feedback and some comments on the night) no matter what track we're on, the Cortina, with it's exquisite balance of power and handling, can make every event great fun irrespective of track or position.


Great little track, this. I love big gradients on tracks, they will always have an advantage as to whether a track is genuinely great or not. That's not to say some flatter tracks can't be great too, but they have to be extra special to make up for the lack of vertical interest.

I got 2nd to Sam in Prac by a clear 0.4 or so, but double checking my setup, I only had 15 laps worth in the tank. I filled up some more and the difference I had was gone. Quallied about 5th or 6th behind Sam, Luc, Amir & Warren. still, from 2nd down to about 9th was less than 1.5 sec, so it was all nice and close.

Got a pretty good start and managed (unusually for me) to avoid getting drawn into any of the early corner shenanigans, and so all of a sudden I was clear and away in 2nd. I managed to pull out a few seconds fairly quickly and pretty soon I was on my own following Sam. Again he was a fecking metronome, banging in lap after lap, at or better than my best. Everytime I got a fastest lap, so did he. The Swine :D. As usual, the best I could do was to keep him honest, and hope he'd get pounced upon by his neighbours rottweiler again. Needless to say, my canine affection strategy didn't pay off, and he eked out to a 10 sec lead and took the chequered flag, with me in a comfortable P2. Olly, who had a Stop n Go, was constantly "encouraging" me over TS - "You're in 2nd and I'm last, but you're not pulling away from me, Stuey!", and that actually helped by giving me something to aim for. :good:


I'm not a big fan of Melbourne for the reasons I mention above, but it was good enough in the Dagenham Dustbins. For some reason, I kept getting a gdb mismatch, but not getting kicked off, I could see all the other cars and go out and drive on the track.

In the end, I quit out of practice, uninstalled and re-installed the same version (the one in the thread link) and all was well. Who knows what happened there :confused: but it was fine anyway.

Sam & Warren were knocking P1 between themselves, laying down marker after marker only for the other to beat it, all with some seriously pretty times. I knew I simply wasn't in that sort of time frame, so I just concentrated on learning the lines & layouts. My one criticism of Melbourne is that a lot of the corners can look very similar - its all a bit "straight -> right/left -> straight -> right/left" but the right/lefts (and the occasional left/right) vary quite a bit in layout and radius, so it took me quite a few laps to get any sort of handle on what was coming next. Quallied down in P9, but again, behind the very front two, it was pretty close for the rest of the grid, so nothing to worry about.

I got a really nice start and was up to about 7th or so by the time we got to the second set of right/lefts. The final left / right into the S/F straight there was a bit of drama, and I managed to slip through into 5th. The field held positions for a few more laps, Luc had a moment, letting me up to 4th, and then Sam had his disco, and I was somehow in 3rd. No-one was more surprised than me :D.

A few laps later Luc closed up after finding some real pace, he tried to pass, gave me a bump (nothing serious) and dropped back as it would have been messy, but a couple of sections later, he got past cleanly and he was off like a scalded rabbit. By this time we weren't too far from halfway, so I expected some pitstop action fairly soon. I looked @ XD and it was showing almost no tyre wear, so I decided to press on for as long as possible and do a late 2 tyre change hoping for others to have some complications. After watching Warren, and then Amir & Luc pit, I was in P1, and I was now doing personal fastest laps quite regularly, but on about lap 14, I started wandering a bit wide in turns that were previously nice and tight and quick, so I decided to come in. I forgot to change the menu, and ended up changing all four tyres as opposed to just the front's that I intended to.

Not that it would have made any difference whatsoever as first Warren, then Luc & Amir all passed me while I was still up on the jacks.

I came out back in 4th and I was able to throw in a few more quick laps, doing my pb on 17th or 18th, breaking into the 2.27's, before taking it nice and easy to finish 4th.

Some excellent driving on view, as always the good sportsmanship that marks GTL as a cut above the rest, and another great event.

I'm massively looking forward to the June finale next week, as Road Atlanta Short & Charade have been some previously superb event venues, and with the Cortina to make them that extra bit special (like it seems to do everywhere), it promises to be a magnificent evening. I hope to see as many of you as possible there.
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