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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Helmut Skrdla, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Helmut Skrdla

    Helmut Skrdla

    Hi all,

    Am I mistaken, or does the GUIDS.txt in each car's folder in principle permit to reference a .bank sound file from another car folder?

    So basically: If three cars in a mod have the same engine, to only include the .bank with the first car, and adapt the GUIDs for the other cars to use that one?

    Has someone used this in practice and found how it works? Specifcally I'm not sure about the first line and how it references another folder.

    I'm interested because it would save both download and installation size if multiple cars in a mod use the same engine sounds.
  2. Stereo


    I don't think they're real folder names, they just refer to the events that a car generates. So AC loads the bank with the right filename, then uses GUIDs.txt to associate events with the sounds in that bank. Like, a car named "mazda_mx5" will do "mazda_mx5/shift_up" when it shifts. The GUID itself is the part that refers to the sound bank.

    AC only loads banks that are in the folders of cars you use; if you only use the cars together then it'd be fine to share GUIDs across them (eg. have mazda_mx5_s2/shift_up use the same GUID as mazda_mx5/shift_up), but then if you don't load the "base" version, you won't get sounds.
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