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Discussion in 'Copa Petrobras de Marcas' started by Kurupt CDN, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    DirtT Tuned Motorsports Premium

    I thought it would be helpful for the devs if we put any issues/ bugs we've encountered here and any quick fixes or solutions.

    - crash/dump file when launching game.
    Fix open main directory and create an empty folder named rfm.
    Right click Marcas. Sync run as administrator. Click on each file that may appear than ok
    Ingame options missing
    Fov- lowest is 35
    Controller options - no degree of rotation without going into your controller files or driver that Iam aware of ?
    Toyota corolla base setup
    I did a few laps at curbita and watched the replay afterwards. Seems the base ride height is too low causing it to bottom out constantly, when the camera pans to the back of the vehicle at certain angles the tires have a gap between them and the road surface.
    The display on the left side of the dash looks like it could be a gear indicator? Should it be functional or just there for astitics?
    Iam not sure if this is a graphics bug or a amd driver issues but I've been noticing with all my gmotor based games that Iam not getting any backfire visuals from cars and if I do there badly glitched and look like a light white puff.

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  2. Tommi-TAG


    Thanks for this bug report thread, David.
    Not a major issue though, I noticed the track map (Interlagos) of the loading screen is "Interlagos GP (No Chicane)", not "Interlagos SP (with Chicane)".
    Just a report. :)

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  3. SOLO59


    This one is minor. You are not able to select a specific driver to drive with in test/single race sessions. You can only choose the cars labeled as #4, #32 etc, and there's only 2 or three cars to choose from per manufacturer. But in championship mode, you can select any driver you want by driver name. But will double check this evening after work. Any one else can confirm till then?
  4. Wedsley Dias

    Wedsley Dias

    Through the menu "Garage1" you can not configure pit stop, also through the LCD can not adjust the amount of fuel, so the problem is that to make a run for example 50min, the 70L (maximum capacity) are not sufficient to complete the race, but to make a pit stop, the tank is completed with the maximum capacity without me having the option to set how much through the LCD.

    So I think the option to adjust the amount of fuel for refueling should be available.
    Note. V1.01 and 1:02

    This is just a matter of fuel for races 50min to 30min race Okay. And looking like a "promotional game", I think @Reiza Studios not make changes in this regard.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2014