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    First post on RD so be kind to me.

    Alongside of undertaking my single player career mode, I am going to start doing coop career mode on F1 2011 with a contact of mine who agreed to help me out as I need to unlock both the Teamwork (Win the Constructors' World Championship in Coop Championship) and Co-op Drivers' World Champion (Win the Drivers World Championship in Coop Championship).

    My contact of mine has already got both achievements so has agreed to act as number 2 driver and assist me with my work plus they are a clean good racer. We agreed to do 50% race distance (results are more even than lower distances), Expert difficulty and Legend AI and now need to decide what team to use and really want to get both achievements on my first try. My contact has given me the responsibility of picking what team we are going to race for.

    Now here is the dilemma. From watching videos and reading on various sources that the Tier 1 teams of McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull are a bit of an overkill including my contact who ran with McLaren had said it was a bit too easy. Of course running the Tier 5 teams of HRT, Lotus and Virgin without KERS would be very difficult to win and probably Tier 4 would be tricky using Williams and Force India as in my current single player season 1 career with Williams on Expert difficulty and Legend AI, I am only scoring low end points throughout the season.

    So that leaves me with the Tier 2 teams of Lotus Renault and Mercedes and Tier 3 teams of Sauber Ferrari and Toro Rosso Ferrari. Therefore, I am asking people who have run either Tier 2 or Tier 3 teams in coop championship career have you managed to win both the drivers and constructors world championship with an ally and how much of a challenge is it to win. Just remember the points above and want to win it on my first try so no second chances!

    Also are there any tips and advice you wish to share with me and anything I need to be aware of whilst doing coop championship.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    OK I am at Race 9 in Co Op career with RedBull. (expert 75% Dist)
    My team mate is winning the WDC and I am about P4. I'm not a bad driver and am P3 in single player career in Yr 3 Williams (75% dist Expert mode) but still have only won maybe 2 races.
    There is a couple of videos on my team mates (Dylan Hember) thread in media.
    We as a team have had some very RedBuill like incidents preventing a 1-2 finish.
    The thing to remember is that in Co Op there are no restarts, one mistake and you may be out of the points totally for that race.
    It is a pretty fast driver who will find it too easy.
    Wet races and wet quali the AI will push you hard.
    So unless you are a race winning Alien in Multiplayer even in RedBull it will not be a foregone conclusion that you will win WDC.
    WCC poss yes.
    If you have one shot only I suggest the Tier 1 cars

    Other tips, do some setup work in GP mode as in Co Op you will have to warm tyres and drive out for every test you do. Whereas in GP you can restart session for consistency and do a flying lap.
    Other tip, its great fun
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  3. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford


    myself and peter made a start. we've had 2 races.

    the problem is that our focus has been on the league races (if either of us get a spare moment). we've had trouble with our respective steerring wheels and by the time we got to do melbourne, it tooka few laps to adjust for each race.

    at melbourne i adjusted quicker than peter holding the ai behind me for about 10 laps until i got the hang of the track...then sped away. with about 5 laps to go, i had a 25 second lead and then 1 laps in concerntration led to me smashing into a wall, getting a puncture. suddently was in 10th with about 3 laps left. set 3 fastest laps and salvaged 6th. was gutted. peter was a bit shelshocked too after his race and the mclaren team had little to shout about.

    at malaysia, we qualifiied in 1st and second. peter wore his tyres out in quali and struggled with his wheel in the race. this wasn't helped by heavy rain which caught us by surprise with no time to do wet practise. i also struggled in 3rd. late on as the rain eased off, i made the worst tyre call ever (in a bit to win the race) and went onto primes. spinning at least 5 times in 1 lap, i ended up in 17th.

    i think team mclaren will salvage something as it's early days, but it just shows, its' not easy!
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    Hi I just bought the game, and plan to do seasons with a buddy I raced with in gp1,2,3,4 in the ninetees, but is coop careerthe only way to do a season when your not completely solo? Talking about him me and the Ai in a season .. :)