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Convert Simhub Overlays to HUD selected on in game menu

Overlays that I design with SimHub I would like them to be selectable in the games display settings. When I try to simply try to use simhub for overlays on my screen, my steering FFB gets wacky. I also find having the overlays a bit clunky to work with and the image behind overlay items is from my main monitor. I also play in VR.

I've downloaded some VR HUD options and can be selected in the display menu however, I would like to add some other items for information or, a track map in the display.

I understand the process of taking an existing HUD that is selectable in game and modifying them in devmode. I would love to know how to design my own.

I really hope at some point, similar to assetto corsa, there is a way to put information on screen such as leader boards and be able to drag them around the screen.

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