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Controller or Keyboard?

David Garcia

What contorl mode do you prefeer? Why?

I play with keyboard since Generally game came back in 2001. I use AZXC A(throttle) Z(brake) X(left) C(right)
Hello David,

I play with the keyboard exclusively. I did do tests across multiple keyboards and gamepads and found no difference in pure speed - but I did find for me personally, I feel more comfortable with the keyboard. I know other drivers who are more comfortable with the gamepad, but there doesn't seem to be a disadvantage for one or the other, except maybe that keyboard can be a bit tough on the bones in your fingers sometimes during longer sessions ;) I tried different keyboard layouts, but ended up feeling best with the original arrow keys which I also use since GeneRally came out in 2001 (we actually must have met back then!) :)
I've been using the arrows too, since I used that layout from MRO (MiniRacingOnline) in 2019. The difference is that I use S from braking and A as a accelerator if the up arrow doesn't work. Although I'm thinking on changing that if I want to have a better pace (if that's gonna work, I guess).
Hello @Minardi Simsport ;)

@David Garcia - I've mainly be playing with pad. Started with Xbox Controller, but changed to PS4 style controller using d-pad for steering and analogue triggers for brake/accelerate - position of d-pad on Xbox controller wasn't as comfortable. Even though I've been playing a long time and dabbled with keyboard initially, it is only recently that I have started using keyboard more often - haven't decided if I will make a full switch yet though. At least now, you can re-map controls. I wasn't too keen on having to use arrows (although some prefer it like that) and now use layout that I remember from my childhood on the BBC B: z x ' / :)

Ryan Soucy

I finally got xBoxCE working for TT Isle of Man and can use wheel and pedals in that game. So I gave it a shot in Circuit Superstars but it was just too slushy to control. The controls have more mush around center. I might have to give the keyboard a shot, but I will miss the rumble effects.
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