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Contract offers...

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Ubaied, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Ubaied


    Hi I wanna ask a few question about the mid season contract offers... I race for the martinis' williams till reach Nurburgring. After finish the race I got an offer from Ferrari. If I join, what will happen to all my drivers point? *I assume the constructor is untouch*

    Does the points brought along with me or...it stays with the williams and I have to work hard to raise the old driver's car point?... let's say, Kimi's car ?. :O_o: ( p.s, is Ferrari good? they losing badly in my game. lol )
  2. Simon McNally

    Simon McNally

    You'll keep your points and Williams will keep the ones you scored for them.
    Any points you score for ferrari will be added to your total.
    Ferrari are a tier 1 team in the game so should be a significant improvement on your Williams
  3. CalumJohnson1996


    You will keep your place in the drivers' championship but Williams will keep the points you won for them. So basically, lets say your 7th in the drivers' championship, Williams is 4th in Contructor's and Ferrari 3rd. You will stay 7th in drivers' championship, Williams will stay 4th and Ferrari will stay 3rd. So theres no change in points for the team but you will change because you will move to a team that is in a different position in the constructors'.