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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 370 20.2%
  • Boots

    Votes: 70 3.8%
  • Gloves + Boots

    Votes: 179 9.8%
  • None

    Votes: 1,214 66.2%

Apps Content Manager possible bug?

does anyone know how to give feedback re Content manager?

I might have found a bug that could do with a fix.

I set up a championship and set the points, along with 5 points for pole position and 5 points for the fastest lap.

At the end of the race, I had the fastest lap, but I did not get the 5 points, which were instead awarded to a driver who retired on the first lap.

I think his lap was counted as the fastest lap because his lap time was zero.

Now I may be wrong, but I don't think it is an Assetto Corsa fault - if I upload the results file to Simresults.net, it correctly shows my lap as the fastest.

So hopefully the maker of Content manager might read this and be able to take a look.

Anyway, it's a great app and I'm glad to use it, it really adds some valuable tools to the base game. :)
I don't have my simrig on right now so can't check, but iirc there's a report link somewhere in Content Manager ui. Incase you don't want to/can't use discord.
I have simrig running now so was able to check, in top right corner click ABOUT, from there you'll find contact us link.

I've never used discord so not sure but isn't it real time chat? If so it might be a faster way to contact Ilya.