Content Manager - Physics Check

Hi, my first post on the forum and starting to really sink my teeth into AC and modding for the first time. I have one question when it comes to content manager and assessing cars:

I've seen people on both this forum and other sources post screenshots or comments along the lines of: "this car has a 100% match to the Kunos Lotus 72D in suspension.ini" or words to that effect.

How are they able to get this information? I was thinking it was just one of the features in the 'analyse' part of content managers car section, but I intentionally downloaded a couple of cars that apparently have a 100% match to Kunos cars in some areas and yet I get no such message.

Is there a special plugin for content manager or another mod altogether that I need to be able to see this information? Thanks in advance.
click version number seven times and the other stuff in the pic ;)

Craig Dunkley

Not possible for me..there is no developer mode and the app version is just a line of 0000-0000 and so on :( and yes I did donate...also there is no "DEV" option in the list.


It was implemented at the request of a mod repository site to check for rips. And it should be quite clear that it's just as good a tool to check your own rips against... change details until it won't show up as "100% match" in the check.
Well, I think the fact that people have been posting pictures from the tool (like the ones the OP mentions) kinda let the cat out of the bag a long time ago...