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Content Manager Mod and VR Headshake

Just got the full content manager and sure I saw some kind of option to enable headshake in VR (can't seem to find it now) -
anyone know where this option is located in the menu's?
If I understand what you are asking, it is a plugin called Real Head Motion.
churchlady thanks for the reply..….
firstly layout of my content manager looks different from yours (different version maybe?)
managed to find RHM in mine now - but strangely this was not the one I found the first time I went into content manager- there was reference to a headshake in VR specifically (have used RHM in non VR - no idea if it works in VR) - interestingly I selected the VR headshake box and now do get some head movement as I go over bumps in VR but only for some cars - but annoyingly unable to find the option anywhere now!