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Content Manager messing up sound changes?

When discussing track config changes, it was noted that there were Loaded folders that Content Manager was using, which were causing problems. Deleting the Loaded folders fixed the issues. I've noticed that there is a Loaded folder in the car configs as well. When I've tried Fonsecker sounds and tried changing them back, I'm sure the sounds have stayed the same as Content Manager keeps loading configs from the Loaded folder. I'm also certain that Content Manager keeps creating the folder if you delete it.

I'm charging my controller right now so I can't check for myself. What does anyone else think!?
I worked this one out, I had the game open when I was installing them. If I closed the game, then installed, the sound would be what I'd installed when the game opened again.


Of course, if the game is still running and those files are already loaded in game ... not any changes will be taken into account.
That's a basic point to have in mind when modifying game files. ;)
Close game, make changes, relaunch game.