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Content Manager Lights

Hello, I tried to add a new light to a car in Content Manager, but I can't find a way to move it around for correct positioning. I remember doing the same thing time ago and the new light spot was highlighted with the coordinate lines (like the ones for the suspensions in the picture). The spot light is fixed casting light and cone on the backwards to the right.
Any idea or am I missing something?


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Yep, thank you. You saved my life ;)
But... why doesn't the new light illuminate the car? I put in under the mirror to have the car door illuminated, but I can see the effect in CM but not ingame, headlights on or off it's still dark
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These are the screenshots


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JJ Lehto

Hamm3r of the gods
As far as I know, the lights you add in the CM Showroom are just for the showroom scenes.

Adding lights to cars so that they appear in-game, I think requires editing .ini files and possibly the appropriate .kn5 file(s). But I don't have any expertise in that, I'm afraid. I've only ever used the Showroom lights for screenshot scenes.