Content Manager Help


Jun 14, 2017
Hello, how can I create a setup in the contentmanager at the server [online] for 3 cars [aura, bayro, maures for example]. I've tried the setting "server-advanced-" Fixed setup "but it does not work out who knows how to do that, thanks!


Nov 26, 2010
I had a look at it yesterday .... and I'm not sure at all that CM can do that for 3 different cars with fixed setup.
Tested with only 2 different cars ... adding 2 different fixed setup ( 1 for each car ) was possible but checking both to apply them both was not possible ... only 1 might be checked at a time and applied.

Sure it can be done with ACServer Manager ... as you just have to choose the right fixed setup car per car in the list of cars ( for the entry_list ) .... what's not possible ( except if I didn't find the way to do it ) in CM.

So .... I think only using both systems to prepare the server files is the only way to do it if you wish to use day-night transition and what's possible with CSP.
Prepare the base files with ACServer Manager with the fixed setups .... prepare a second one with CM for the special CSP features .... then manually add the special lines from the CM server_cfg file at the right place in the ACServer Manager preset one.

As I can see many views for your post and no single answer until now .... I'm really doubting it might be done exclusively with CM ( except for servers with 1 single car model ).

NB: and moreover I think I remember that those fixed setups needs to be added in a folder in this server folder.
I just did it once when I was Server Admin at our league when it still existed. :D