"Confusion" on pace lap

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Please remind your teammates to expect to loose one position on the pace lap as the safety car passes the field.

For a number of times there has been obvious confusion where someone has overtaken one of my cars on the pace lap (which I believe is to "take back his position").

Since the decision is to scrap the race at Mid-Ohio there is no point in me lodging a formal protest but there Torbjörn Lindau was forced to start one position down after "fighting" with one of the Astons for pretty much the duration of the pace lap :(

It's unnecessary and takes away focus from the driver at a crucial time.


By "Aston" I guess you mean our DHR Aston. Which I guess was Yuri. Unfortunately though after speaking to him just now and him saying about it at the time, he had the really bad server lag on the pace lap, and said it was to dangerous around any car. He says he got hit because of the lag and did not know where the car he was around actually was, as each car was jumping forwards and backwards a great deal, which made it very dangerous on track.
Ye he know what position he was in due to saftey car in front, just the server lag made it impossible for him to be able to judge if the car was in front or behind, just a server lag issue, not a mistake of the driver not knowing where he was. I had the same lag at Sugo, hit me just as the start got under way, cars where just jumping backwards & forwards, could not judge if a car was in front of me or behind me, due to it. But looks like TGH has found the issue so we should be good for Thursday and in future now hopefully.
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