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Ross Balfour

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Hey all!

I was rumbling around my Race 07 files and came across the Config file that I hadn't touched since I got the game over 2 years ago. I was at another place playing RaceON and the graphics seemed so much better than mine, when their computer was not that much better. So, I decided to give editing my config file a go, but considering I'm a tech-novice, I have no idea what anything means.

My resolution is the only thing I have a vague idea about, but do I make it higher or lower for a better quality image and by how much?

What is refresh rate? Mine is at 60hz, should I put that higher or keep it the same?

Anti-Aliasing is at Level 2 and Virtual Sync and Windowed Mode are both unticked.

I don't want to edit something without knowing what I'm doing, because that could screw up my game.


Robin Cook

TBH mate you can adjust all of what you said through the settings exe. but here goes.

Higher resulution is better. find out what your monitors native res is and run at that. check ya monitors manual if you dont know or google :D

refresh rate again is governed by your monitor, most run at 60htz so leave it be.

Anti aliasing (AA) helps smooth out jagged edges within the game. if youve got a decent card no reason ya cant max it

V-sync restricts your fps to your monitors refresh rate ie 60htz = 60fps and tbh more fps the better in racing games to make it smooth. leave off

no need to run windowed so you can leave this off too

Again if youve got a good card go into the ingame settings and turn everything up dram distance quality ect ect. if it doesnt run smooth enough for you lower settings till you find a good spot.

gts250 here running 5040x1050 across 3 screens with everything maxed so if youve got a similar card you should have no problems

Ondrej Kapal

simply the best resolution is the highest you are allowed by your monitor, refresh 60HZ has all of LCD monitors if it isnt some special like for 3D using so yes leave it, AA was said and V-sync too, next step you can do by anisotropic filter which you can set in your graphic card setup area (I am not sure if you can set it in exe config) but if you have ATI you can set AA and AF here for the best result (higher = better) and nVidia cards has nVidia control panel... I have no experience with Ati control center but in nVidia there is an option for set your own setting with information about each function, what AA means AF VSYNC and what helps you to increase quality or FPS etc. you are allowed to use these option ONLY and ignore game's settings and its the best choice if you have really powerful PC, you can set there by option for "the best quality settings" and you will get all of them to highest and it will be looking great in each game Ross :) I think ATi control center has the same..-.. and you wont have to be carying about this in this games, only some special kind of settings like resolution gamma etc.

ufffff I hope you understand me? It can be madness if somebody like me try to explain some this technical stuffs :D
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