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Concerns about clamping T150 wheel

Hello, guys!

I spent a few weeks looking at entry-ish level options for simracing, because I decided to finally stop playing on controller. All the reading and research I did led me to believe my only real choice within my budget is the T150 Pro with the T3PA pedals. The G29 is way too loud for playing at night, when I mostly have time, and everything over those options is prohibitively expensive for my poor bum.

The thing is, I saw the T150 doesn't have any hard mounting options, so I can't just drill my desk and perma-mount it on there. The issue here is, my desk has a beveled, slanted and slightly rounded edge, it's not a 90-degree angle. I'm attaching a photo with a Lego figure for scale.

Do you think mounting the T150 will work at all here? Here is what it looks like with its clamp, image off the internet:

I'm generally speaking not very handy with this sort of thing and would appreciate any and all feedback, regardless of whether you have the wheel or just have a better grasp of physics than I do and can estimate whether I'd be able to clamp it down somehow or use something to help me do it.

Again, if you have sufficient experience with a G29, I would love to know if the horrible rattling and clanking from the unit can be turned down by tuning down ffb gain, to a point where you both have road feel and response AND you're not going deaf from the clacking. From what I saw on Youtube, the sound is horribly loud and annoying, to the point where I don't even consider Logi products at all anymore, but I have no idea what ffb settings those people used, etc.