Concerned about add-ons

Xosé Estrada

Aug 10, 2007
I know there are different scratch build mods for rFactor 2 to come, but what about the tracks?

I don't want to see the same 2001 graphics we have now in most of the add-on tracks, they look outdated even for GTR Evolution compared with the SIMBIN made ones.

Of course, for me is much more important the changes in the weather, tyre model, track grip, etc,
and the graphic updates we could see in the screenshots are more than enough for me, they say they will use the maximum of DX9 and that can be much better than a regular DX10 use, but to keep add-on content in the same level we can not just convert from rF1 to rF2 without make a big improvement in textures etc...

From the tracks I've seen, I think only VLM ones are in this range of quality, BTB ones will look really outdated on the other hand, and even worse from F1 Challenge ports.