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Sell Complete sim racing setup

Des Pearce

I've started a new business and frankly it looks like being all consuming for the foreseeable future so I'd rather move this stuff on.

VRS wheel base - with motor mount and shaft clamp, bought in February, used for 6-8 hours a week until mid April and then not touched since. Boxed and in perfect working condition. I'm after £700 collected from Sheffield. sold

Turn R20 with SRC button plate - great all round set up for most types of racing, in great condition, I've always worn gloves and I'm after £400 posted in the UK.sold

GT1 Evo 8040 rig with Trakracer seat, single monitor stand, locking castors and a few other spare parts - in good condition, wheeldeck has extra holes drilled in it and I bought extra 200mm lengths of profile to mount the motor on. £330 collected from Sheffield. Too big and awkward to post. sold

Diy triple load cell pedals- look ugly but work brilliantly, very adjustable, lots of spares (springs, elastomer, new bushes and a spare Bodnar controller board). £200 collected from Sheffield.

HP Reverb G2 - as new 40 hours use, 3yr 24hr warranty, boxed £420 posted in the UK. Sold

More photos available if need be.


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Thanks for reply, on lead older model, beside hp logo it says P/N:L72080-001, newer one ends in -002?

That's correct.

Des is selling it for an absolute bargain price and seeing as the warranty stays with the product and not the owner, it's transferrable. You can contact HP once you have the unit and have registered the new owner name and address details on their site. They will then send you the Rev 2 cable free of charge.

For reference, the Rev 1 cable is on top, the Rev 2 cable is below: