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Competition Time | Guess the Track: Round One

Welcome to the first in a short series of ‘guess the track’ fun competitions.

The aim of the game is simple – watch a short video of just my wheel and hand movements from a single lap of a sim racing circuit – then guess the track!

What do you win? One year of premium membership to RaceDepartment for the selected winner.​

What sim are you using? A bit of a mix between rFactor 2, ACC and RaceRoom Racing Experience – although you won’t be told which sim it is in the video.​
What tracks are you using? Well, that would defeat the object of the game if I told you… I will say however, the tracks could be first party or mod, just to keep the variety. I will promise to only use real world tracks however, and not fantasy content!​
When will new videos be posted? Whenever I fancy over the next week or two.​
When do we need to have a response in by? Whenever! No start or finish date applies to these, it’s for fun folks!​
Where do we post our response? Either on the video comments, or in the article comments. I’m not planning on checking them and awarding a winner, so it doesn’t matter – it’s for fun!​

Ok folks, first video is below... enjoy!

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Sim Racing is awesome!
Hungaroring, certain !