Comparison of Classic 80's and 90's cars

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  1. gompka


    Is there anyone who can drive consistent enough to compare classic car performance in terms of lap time? :)
    Im curious of results, i guess Williams from 1980 is slowest and Ferrari or Williams from 1999 are fastest, but whats up with rest of them?
  2. Sigurd


    Nothing too scientific but I have come very close to current car times with the 1992 Ferrari on a couple tracks.
  3. Leonardo Chaves

    Leonardo Chaves

    The Ferrari 76 is the slowest, the brakes take a long time to stop the car and the engine is underpowered.

    The 80 Williams has better grip and brakes but it's still underpowered.
    The Lotuses are dogs, big power (turbo era) but terrible brakes and grip.
    The 88 Ferrari is the fastest thing, power, good brakes, good grip.

    Why the hell did they went with 88 Williams btw? should've been 86 or 87 Williams-Honda...

    The 92 Williams is much faster than the 80's cars, downforce, brakes, great traction(almost like tc is on by default) it understeers a lot by default though, which allows the 96 car to edge ahead, something i didn't expect...
    Maybe 92 is faster once refined...

    Had a quick go in the 92/96 Ferrari's but not enough to paint an accurate picture.