Comparing the WTCC cars

Jarrod Keen

Sep 4, 2008
Hey guys. I grabbed my copy of EVO last Friday and I've been playing it since. I'm coming from GTR2 where I raced with a great bunch of guys at JCRACING. Since racing in EVO seems to be pushing me towards always racing on the PRO level.... I've began my EVO career racing mostly in the WTCC servers which there are a lot of! I like the strategy of having different machines that have different advantages and disadvantages... so let's discuss the WTCC class.

The warriors: The Seat, The Chevy, The Alfa Romeo, The Honda, and last but not least, the BMW.

I have the most experience with the Seat Leon as I've had my best results in this little beast. Here's what I'd like to discuss.... handling characteristics, power, durability (For enduro).

Looking at horsepower: The BMW has around 10 more horses than the Chevy, the Alfa and the Seat. The Honda is about 10 horses behind that pack. I think the BMW is around 297 hp, vs 285ish for the next 3 and then the honda is around 278 hp. IS this enough of a difference to matter?

What do you see when you race with another driver that you know and trust that's driving in a different car? What are the advantages/disadvantages that you've found so far.

I'm enjoying this series of cars and am glad that there are a lot of people online that are looking to drive these.

Ross Balfour

#99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
Feb 25, 2008
Welcome to Racedepartment :)

I think the BMW is the fastest car if you can ontrol it and stop it from sliding and drifting around corners. If you look at our WTCC league results you will see the top 3 almost every race is BMW. If you are a newbie to WTCC cars I strongly suggest a Seat or Chevy as they are the easiest to handle IMO. Once you master them you coukd possibly move on to BMW if you want a new and harder challenge.

Simon Trendell

Feb 19, 2008
Welcome to RD!

As Ross said the BMW is the fastest bar none if you can drive it. The Seat is the easiest "pickup" car, with no setup tweaking it's the easiest to get a fast lap, but once you start getting towards the limit it's a pain, ask any Leon driver in the league. The Chevy has a tendency to oversteer, with the Honda in between the Seat & Chevy.
The Alfa is strange for me as I've had major oversteer & major understeer depending on the circuit, it's competitive witht eh right driver (Looking at you Peter Eriksson :))

Jarrod Keen

Sep 4, 2008
This is awsome stuff guys. Anyone else that has opinion on this... please lets hear it!!!

Thanks for a fast reply. I've enjoyed all the servers that you guys have up. I'm JC Keeno online. Hope to see you in a race.

Attila Domján

Dec 26, 2006
BMW - overall fastest laptimes, least tyre wear, shortest braking zones, unbeatable starts, letdown for me that it is a RWD lol, and also less stable in door to door situation then FWD-s

FWD cars, pretty much equal, max few tenths inbetween them as car capabilities, Honda maybe the slowest and Chevy is my favo. Seat and Chevy capable of pretty much equal top FWD laptimes on any track, but i like the handling of the Chevy a bit better, cant tell exactly why, maybe also the engine sound has to do with it.

Marcel vd Aa

AC Paint Guru
Aug 28, 2008
yeah definitly the BMW is the fastest, but i also got some of my best times with the Seat ( at Pau for instance).
But as for pure racing the Beamer is my fav because of its rear wheel drive.
I recall numerous occasions where i was drifting so much that i sometimes thought i was playing GRiD....

Mike Jaanus

Aug 30, 2008
i hate the beamer so much its too unstable for my liking but thats because im used to a car that dont handle i think

Kim Van Der Stichelen

I've only driven the Peugeot, and for about 6 laps I can keep up with my league colleagues in driving Leon's an BMW's, but then the tyres are completly gone and end up losing 3-4 places each following lap.

Mike Jaanus

Aug 30, 2008
i really like driving the alfa gta shame its so uncompetitive i think i like it so much beacus my dad owns a 2.5 v6 alfa 156

Matthew Parr

May 22, 2008
I like the Honda but its a shame its so under powered, the chevvy is too oversteery or too understeery at times! The Bmw i love but im not quick init as im always drifting and twitching! the alfa is SO MUCH FUN because it turns in nicely and handles well i beast a BMW at Curtiba with oe his name was 'PEEK'. We had a brill scrap but i struggled on the straight upto the BMW. I suggest the BMW if you can handle it.

Chris Noble

I only had a couple of hours to work out what car I would race in the league and settled on the Honda which I like driving alot and handles very well, main problem is top end speed is lacking due to the power being down on the others.

(The Honda's got given a weight bonus in real life to make them more competitive, be great to see this in the league)

The Chevy is quite close to the honda, but in my 5 - 10 laps I did in it, it was a bit snappy for me.

However since driven the Vectra which is very good on the top end speed and apparently is like the Chevy in many ways.

The BMW came a close 2nd for me to the Honda that I picked, mainly the fact that in door to door racing, if you lose it, theres no chance to get it back unlike a FWD, but the blinding starts u can get and much better overall tyre management ability. Could be a contender for me to drive next year I think.

I hated the alfa and didnt like the feel at all.

The Seat was an odd one too for me, but good on short twisty stuff it seems. braking stabibility was my main issue.

Now theres the new STCC cars coming soon :)

Would be interesting to know if Audi were allowed to keep the 4WD or had to change it to FWD or RWD for the series. The 2003 ETCC version of the A4 is blinding off the start and great at putting the power down, plus it negates the RWD issue a fair bit having 4WD. :)

Lets see what comes :0
May 6, 2008
In my opinion, the fastest car is the BMW then the chevy, the seat and the slowest is the Honda. But that do mean nothing, lol . You have to find your car that siutes the best for you and with that you have the right feeling when pushing to the limit.

For me personally and for my driving style the car that suites the best is the honda and also the alpha . That 2 cars I'm able to push best to the limit. I love the handling of this 2 cars.
The seat I think I'm not able to push it to his limits, there is more potential in this car, as I'm acctually able to take out.
I don't like the handling of the chevy. It maybe sounds strange, but I drive faster laps with the Honda as with the Chevy , lol, and beliefe my, I did a lot of practice also with chevy.
The slowest car for me is the BMW. I hate the handling of this beast:D. It is very difficult to drive.

My personal record in Monza, my favourite track (Monza rulez :p) in time attack is around 1:59:400 with the Honda, a bit slower c.a. 0.050 with the seat, and only 2:00:100 with chevy and only a 2:00:700 with the BMW.

Also I'm slower with setups from other people. I have to find my own way to get a good feeling for the car.

just my experiences with the WTCC cars :thumb: :D

Chris Noble

Good point you have there daniel as your driving style can influence how well you can drive a particular car a lot.

despite the BMW probably being the fastest its very hard to put all that power to use and so unless your very good, most ppl are probably not getting the full power of BMW if their driving style doesnt suit it. but if however like Daniel says you are really comfortable and have a car right on the limit, like his Honda, even though its the least powerful the maximum amount of its power is being used levelling or even turning the playing field!

I am driving the Honda this year for RDWTCC, but was quite keen on the BMW, would need to do aload of testing on it though as to whether to use it for next year.

But the Vectra and STCC cars will mix it up a fair bit! SimBin says there is another RWD car coming to give the BMW a run for its money! (Anyone know what car this is?)

Nils Wijk

Apr 21, 2008
Maybe a merc?

Oops nevermind that is racing in the Danish Touring Car Cup or whatever it's called

Francis Barker

You cant call yourself a "so-called" race 07 fanatic until youve driven an alfa, the sheer enjoyment out of it is excellent but, if you want a straight out of the box fast car I choose the BMW, however the alfa is a great car to drive.

Edward Leake

To be honest I always run the Honda Accord, unless the event defines that I can't. :)

Daniel Hartmann

The BMW may be the fastests, but not for me as I don't play race07 that much. My choice is the Seat Leon. When driving it I just feel I am always in control what is happening. Can't say the same about the BMW, in its trunk there is definetly someone moving around furiously and making the rear wheels lock whenever I break too hard. :)

Jarrod Keen

Sep 4, 2008
I find the BMW is definelty the hardest to drive.... i've not yet concluded that it's the fastest but I believe all you you. The Seat feels the best to me as I feel in total control behind the wheel. I also feel that I can really push that thing around the track and it's forgiving and somewhat responsive. I make up ground to the BMWs in the turns as I can be aggressive and those Beemer drivers are often in a fight for their lives trying to tame the beast. It's a really fun give and take!! And for me... that's what it's all about.
Sep 9, 2008
Personally I have started to cut my teeth in Evo with the Lacetti I found that it was just fast enough to let me put up the faster laps, of course I hadn't checked my Driving assists until last night finding that the default setup is all on!!!!????

Personally though I have found at least on some of the faster corners I have taken in it, it has the tendancy to understeer for me.