Community Question | Your Steam Racing Sim Play Time

Most racing sims can be found on the Steam platform, which offers some nice functionality to see just how addicted we are to our favourite titles... and I'd love to know how addicted to racing you really are!

Taking into account the Steam playtime on each of your games, tell us how much time Steam is saying you've spent in your favourite sim - and how little in your least favourite!

I'm looking forward to seeing your responses, and just how much of our precious free time we spend behind the virtual wheel!
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Apr 12, 2016
AC: 2459hrs
ACC: 146hrs

Both still rising, both give me great enjoyment just in very different ways;

AC for me is a creation platform, so a lot of time is sunk from endless testing and editing of my creations - of course that number doesn't take into account the hours spend 3d modelling which I enjoy just as much.

ACC is the superior racing sim for me, so whilst it wont be the timesink AC is due to the lack of modding, I enjoy the competitive racing aspects instead, even more so later this year with the GT4s.


Feb 25, 2018
sth like 3-5k hours in Grand Prix 3/4 and Race 07 (sadly no way to track playtime)

rf2 - only 187h but growing every day :)
PC2 - 156h
ACC - only 120h
RRE - only 63h
F1 2017 - 41h
AC - 28h
AMS 1 - shockingly only 10h :confused: about time and do sth about it
Race 07 i mentionend already its stuck at 9h but its way way way more
AMS 2, F1 2018/12/15, Dirt rally, grid 2 - sub 4h
GTR 1/2 like race 07 tracking is bugged don´t really know how much but I would guess 3rd and 4th most played in this list


Nov 3, 2015
935 hours in AC.
454 hours in AMS1
423 hours in RF2
270 hours in PC2
268 hours in BeamNG
126 hours in DR1
166 hours in RRE
109 hours in Spintires
90 hours in ATS
87 hours in DR2.0
87 hours in ETS
69 hours in ACC
64 hours in AMS2 and counting

Don't really know about GP1 GP2 GPL GTL GTR GTR2 LFS RF1 probably more HaHaHaHa
But i have done 13000 miles in LFS


Apr 1, 2011
Assetto Corsa was my first love in racing sims, so I sunk a huge amount of time into it while I was at Uni.

Now that ACC and AMS2 have been coming along nicely, I've definitely found my two favourites. They've rekindled my love for simracing. Only just purchased AMS2 this past weekend, hence the minimal hours.

AC: 1,615 hours
AMS1: 527 hours
rFactor 2: 182 hours
ACC: 117 hours
F1 2018: 98 hours
Stock Car Extreme: 34 hours
Dirt Rally: 27 hours
R3E: 14.7 hours
F1 2019: 8 hours
AMS2: 3.4 hours

Leonardo Chaves

Oct 11, 2010
AC lapping the competition with 1424.
Surprising 2nd place for F1 2013 117 (2019 sits at 46, all others around in the 50-60).
Rfactor 2 44 (i wonder how much of that is down to mod packages loading and loading times on my old hard drive).
ACC at just 17.
AMS 2 at 10(will rise today).