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Community Question | Your Favourite Type of (Sim) Circuit

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Circuits come in all shapes and sizes, from slow and twisty to fast and long - with some incredibly varied styles in between - but which type is your favourite?

Just like cars, tracks are very much a personal preference depending on the type of layout that suits your individual driving style. Drivers like Mark Webber always seemed to excel at the 'old school' layouts in Formula One, while conversely Felipe Massa never quite gelled with the twisty characteristics of Monaco (ironic seeing as he's in Formula E now..) - but which type of tracks suits you best? More importantly, what style do you enjoy the most?

Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the poll and comments section below - and if I've missed a style, don't forget to let us know!

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Anything with turns to both sides... like Mute City, Ghost Valey 1, Modesto Heights, Deep Forest, Interlagos, Suzuka, Monza, Bathurst, Monaco and even Nordschleife

Lars Hansen

Buggered if I know.....
Personally, I enjoy any track with elevation-changes. Watkins Glen, Mid-Ohio, Laguna Seca, Sachsenring, Imola etc.
I don't mind flat tracks as such, I just think the odd hill here and there makes it more fun.

Street-tracks I hate with a deep-seated passion.
haha, I was also looking for the Bathurst answer. My most enjoyed tracks are ones that have nice elevation changes and sweeping corners...similar to @Lars Hansen I like WGI, Mid-Ohio, Road America, Spa, Kyalami, etc... For me Nordschleife is the all-time fave.
Love my hometown street circuit Honda Indy!
Love tight street courses in general like Detroit, Long Beach, Monaco etc...
Anything that would make me fear for my life irl. Tracks with lots of elevation changes, little room for error (no runoff areas), massive twists.

My favorites are:

Barber Motorsport Park

Althou the Nords got pretty boring for me after 5,000 laps or so.


Really hard to vote as I like at least 6 categories there, plus it really depends on if we're talking about just hotlapping or racing. So many amazing tracks but I have a thing for the ones that feel like a rollercoaster (elevation changes + twisty)....my all time top 15 (this was really hard to choose, 10 wasn't enough):

  • Combined Nurburgring
  • Bathurst
  • Suzuka
  • Monaco
  • Deutschlandring
  • Bilsterberg
  • Imola
  • Road America
  • Circuit de la Sarthe
  • Riverside
  • Sonoma
  • Biernieki
  • Interlagos
  • Mugello
  • Portimao
Favorites are probably Monza & Le Mans b/c I grew up idolizing those tracks. Also throw in Watkins Glen, Monaco, Road Atlanta, Silverstone (both old & new) & Imola (both old & new).
I don't know which option should i choose, but I do know that most of my favourite tracks are located in the USA. I' d call them old school tracks since they are in active use but they are definitela not modern circuits compared to the ones in the F1 calendar. Road Atlanta, Road America, Mid Ohio, Watkins Glen, VIR... I could go on. They have really nice flow and also each has its own character.
I love oval racing as well, paved or dirt no matter.
Maybe this is why I'm constantly switching sims as each of them has their strong point in one type of tracks.