What is your favourite type of sim racing car?

  • High powered open wheel

    Votes: 224 11.8%
  • Low powered open wheel

    Votes: 171 9.0%
  • Modern open wheel

    Votes: 149 7.8%
  • Vintage open wheel

    Votes: 215 11.3%
  • Modern GT

    Votes: 660 34.7%
  • Vintage GT

    Votes: 316 16.6%
  • Modern Touring Car

    Votes: 226 11.9%
  • Historic Touring Car

    Votes: 464 24.4%
  • Prototype

    Votes: 217 11.4%
  • Kart

    Votes: 23 1.2%
  • Road car

    Votes: 223 11.7%
  • Hyper car

    Votes: 33 1.7%

  • Total voters

Community Question | Your Favourite Type Of (Sim) Car

Thanks to dedicated developers and talented modding teams, we pretty much have everything and anything ever developed to race within our sims of choice - but which type of car is your favourite?

Do you have a fancy for something sideways, something super fast, or something a little more sedate? The choice is almost endless - but which styles are your ultimate 'go to' choice?

Doesn't matter which sim, or even which era, just simply let us know your two favourite styles in the poll and comments section - and if you've got a favourite not included, let us know in the comments section below!

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Mar 2, 2010
The first games that I loved were F1 games, so I spent a lot of times simdriving open-wheelers. I still like to drive F1 cars but for the last 3-4 years, I've spent 75% of my time behind the wheel of modern GT cars in ACC or R3E. Close second would be modern touring cars (WTCR in R3E and Brazilian stock cars in AMS2.)


Jan 13, 2019
GT Legends still holds special place in my memory. Also I love racing low power vehicles and that works great with classic touring cars. These beasts are all about keeping momentum and being smooth, some of them even requires little bit of skidding to get corner speed and I just love this kind of driving.


Mar 30, 2009
Historic touring cars are great. Decent grip from slicks but not much aero and lots of power which means you'll be going sideways at all speeds. It is just so much fun manhandling those cars, right at the limit of under and over rotation all the time. Everything is spot on, even the sound is usually great. The setup is quite simple and can be tuned almost purely based on how you want the car to feel. The driving is great and even hotlapping alone is fun. Works on almost all tracks for high speed tilkedromes to mickey mouse club circuits. And the racing is great too. I'd add vintage gt cars to that list as well. There are so many positives to list. So much variety too from front wheel driven minis to escorts and cortinas to rear engine porsches and other mid engined creations with all kinds of power levels with and without turbos with any amount of gears you want.

One more car class like those is trackday cars and supercars. NOT road cars. For some reason people think sportscars and supercars like ferrari f488, mclaren f40 or merc sls are poser cars for games like forza but imho those cars are amazing driver's cars. Lots of power, little bit of downforce and perfect amount of grip. Hugely undervalued cars in sim racing. I mean you can turn off all driving aids, you have semislicks, over 500hp power and little bit of downforce and often times a great soundtrack. You have enough power to get into trouble, turning off traction control makes them tons of fun and once you really push the car they all reveal unique characteristics. I think the huyras and laferraris are a bit too fast for their own good but the nissan gt-r, ferrari f40, ferrari 458, mclaren 12c... just great handling cars made to be fast on track instead of just made to look good in a parking slot. Great fun. Undervalued and I'd say even misrepresented.

Cote Dazur

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May 21, 2013
Could not vote, as I have (way) more than 2 favourites, which also mean I like them all, with the exception of Karts.
Same goes with tracks and roads. I like variety. My favourite SIM as the most variety, my only limit is what I can imagine driving today.
In VR, with a good rig, the feeling of being there is so mesmerizing, that it would be a shame to limit myself to a genre or an era when I can have them all.
depending on what day or even what time of the day, or what I have just seen on YouTube is what dictate what I feel like driving/racing more than anything.


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May 2, 2010
Aero grip builds. I like making my time up on tracks by carrying ridiculous amounts of speed through corners. My fun from sim racing comes through taking fast corners as fast as you can. I don't care if it's a track with lots of straights so a top speed car is the way to go, if it has a fun fast corner, I'm going to enjoy that fun fast corner goddamnit.

It's the reason I hate historic cars to drive. They're so wobbly and slow through corners and try to make it up with uncontrollable speed down the straights. That's just frustrating and not fun to drive.
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Oct 10, 2011
Vintage open wheel(FR90V8-12) Raceroom
Proto(P1/P2) Raceroom
Vintage open wheel(V10)AMS2

ByTheWay: Sorry to see that my favorites is in a minority here. Bad for partitipation on the leader boards:(


Apr 12, 2014
Imagine a kunos classic GT1 sim VR Amazing graphics, sumptuous cars, all weather, official rules..... Drool drool drool drool drool it'd be like seeing a woman after a lockdown.

Also, modern GT cars are just as beautiful as anything that ever raced.