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Community Question | Why Do You Find F1 Interesting?

Do you like modern F1?

  • Yes

    Votes: 244 41.0%
  • No

    Votes: 123 20.7%
  • Its ok, not as great as it could be, but better than answering 'no'

    Votes: 228 38.3%

  • Total voters


Feb 12, 2009
Overregulation.....lack of talent and character....lack of competition....lack of innovation...lack of anything to SHOW....F1 is dead for me. It has been dead for quite a few years. Ever since they started hybridizing it and making it more "efficient". Like it's just another endurance racing championship....make me want to vomit.


Apr 28, 2018
I think sports car racing and Indycar provide much better entertainment. I can appreciate the extremely high level that F1 operates at, but it's often much more interesting to read about the technical developments and drama than it is to sit down and watch the on track product.

The cars are way too big too. Go back to an early 2000s footprint and leave the current boats behind.

Lastly, most of the new tracks have been soul-less and boring. It pains me everytime a real track with a rich F1 history is left off the calendar, or threatened to pay more money.
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Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
May 21, 2013
I do not find modern F1 interesting,
I used to watch all races, even attend the race in Montreal every year, until about 10 years ago, but as it stands today, even though I am a big Mercedes fan, only drove MB since 1995, but F1, no thank you, totally lost interest.


Mar 26, 2018
Why don't you like F1 and not the top of motorsport?
Ask Sebastian Loeb, Scott Dixon and Rene Rust!

Nick Hill

Oct 26, 2013
I went with the "ok" answer. My thoughts on this topic have evolved a lot. I watch every race, keep up on off season news to a degree, and also watch a fair number of retro races. I would describe myself a reasonably committed fan who has an appreciation for the history of F1 as well as a relatively nuanced understanding of what makes F1 very unique within the context of the wider motorsport world.

F1 as it stands today is still capable of delivering top notch entertainment at times. In the big picture, I think there are some very serious issues that are causing the championship to become increasingly predictable. I did an analysis a while back that broke down, by decade, how many times the WDC was a different driver than the previous year. The numbers were striking, it's a pattern for sure and, I believe, at the heart of a lot of the angst you see swirling around the sport in recent years. "Boat race" championships with one team and/or driver(s) running away with the championship have always been part of F1, but the data shows that the extent to which those "boat races" have increasingly managed to extend across multiple seasons is something new over the last 20 years.

I am in support of fixing the aero situation (bring back ground effects, thus lessening the dependence on the turbulence-producing "top side" aero bits), but I really don't think the in-race action is the primary problem facing the sport. The primary problem is the extent to which teams are no longer able to close gaps from year to year and bring the championship back into contention. I'm not smart enough to make prescriptions for how to fix that, but I have no doubt something has to be done.

It will be tricky, but I am confident actions can be taken to bring competitiveness back. My sincere hope is that the powers that be take care to listen to the core F1 fanbase and not be tempted to listen to complaints/suggestions from people who, frankly, really need to find a different series to follow. For example, if you don't like off-track politics...I 100% respect your right to hold that opinion, but you also need to acknowledge the fact that F1 has lived off of a steady diet of "off-track politics" since 1950. I would also throw "not enough passing" in that same category. If you want to see a bunch of passes, there are a lot of series that provide that. If you want to see it in F1, your best bet is a YouTube compilation because, as a general rule, F1 has never been a type of motorsport that has produced lots of passing.

Just my 2 cents. I'll keep watching in the meantime.
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Antony Snook

Jul 16, 2011
Yes i do find it entertaining, there are bugs that should be ironed out but its not like codemasters where you just make a patch to sort it out. It is my favorite sport of all and i am happy we are racing. I really missed it from March to June. Having it taken away like that makes you realise how much it means to you. I hope we do not have any problems with the virus and can put together something that is a 10-20 event season. I really want this virus to be gone and miss the events that we had to loose. The strangest season i have ever seen in 20 years of following the sport.

Omer Said

Oct 28, 2008
I have been watching F1 since 1998s, and I still take the same enjoyment of out it when I watch a 2020 race. Yes the rules and regulations are changed, but we still have the best drivers in the world, the most advanced racing machines and great battles on/off track. F1's rich presence with huge amount of multimedia is cherry on the cake. In the past, there was no way to listen to pit-radio, watch highlights whenever you want or see things from other angles. I guess some people are just happy to whine and be nostalgic.


Apr 27, 2013
As someone once said: 'F1 is a sport, soap and science all in one'.
Totally thrilling!

the only thing what lets it down slightly for me is back in the 80,s and 90,s when I used to watch it with Murray Walker the starts was so entertaining gave me a rush,
then with Martin Brundle, I think it was "look but do not stare!" gave me goose pimples I love this stuff,
now its not the same at the lights out for me personally if I could change anything be that 1 thing switch over the commentators back to Martin at lights out!


Jun 28, 2017
I vote no because too many rules have destroyed the designers' imagination, too much electronics, too many stupid tracks, too many drivers who cry. Put any driver on a Mercedes and he will become the new world champion. the cars are too easy to drive, the circuits have all the paved escape routes so you can make a mistake but don't miss a thing. I prefer to see the races on the PC are more fun, I still watch F1 but I am not excited anymore, watch a video of Senna and one of Hamilton and then judge what F1 is now.
the real problem is that it will continue like this with increasingly stupid rules


Jun 1, 2018
Because life isn't always fare (example moto3 racing, or rally driving skills are much better, but no one watches it).

And because it makes me feel that there are other people in the world who share the same interest with me, (you can find hype videos and stories and memes for example comparing).

Dan ONeill

Nov 27, 2013
This one is easy for me.
The technology involved in the sport!
Also... if you’ve stood at the usual corners in the last year or two (silverstone turn 1, copse, Becketts, Barcelona turns 7&8 etc...) you’ll know...
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Dec 30, 2010
I have been closely following F1 since the mid-70's. Even though the experience of following F1 has changed wildly since the '70's, modern F1 is still very interesting. The races themselves are only a small part of following F1. Other aspects of the total F1 experience includes:

  • New car launches and livery revels
  • Pre-season tests
  • Netflix and other documentaries (there seems to be tons available to stream)
  • F1 podcasts
  • Going to F1 races
  • F1 TV and all the alternative feeds (when the service works)
  • Photographing F1 races
  • Pre-race coverage
  • Endless online coverage
  • Book collecting
  • On-line F1 debates (like on this site)
  • The global aspect (each race has a different flavor)
  • The beauty of the cars and action
  • etc.

Jack Sargent

Aug 18, 2008
Technically the scope of the rules is too narrow meaning there is little room for individual and unique designs. Most of the cars look incredibly similar apart from the paint jobs. Also these new regulations that keep coming in to improve overtaking seem to fail at every attempt. The 2022 regs may improve the show slightly but they are still going in the wrong direction.

But if you ask me I would have manual gear boxes and clutch straight back in, then we'll see how good some of these guys really are! Gear shifting used to be an art. Now you just pull a lever. Anyway going back to manual boxes will never happen and there are other ways to improve the racing.

Also DRS really has made a mockery of the sport in my opinion. That needs to go asap.

I just don't like where we have arrived at with the sport at this point but my opinion is worthless. When I do try to get interested in it and watch a race it leaves such a bad taste in my mouth I then avoid it altogether.

But the absolutely number one problem with F1 today is....

People think there is no problem with F1. :roflmao:
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Jun 29, 2017
Nowadays I find all the stories involving teams and drivers interesting, Ted's Notebook sort of stuff interesting, the first couple of laps or so interesting, sometimes exciting, then I am watching out of habit really. Young guys won't understand, but F1 has gradually got worse over the years, mainly because of aero, sanitised circuits, and no need to be brave like drivers of the past had to be. Motorcycle racing gives me more of what F1 used to be like. Bravery should be a part of motorsport.


Jun 13, 2020
F1 has good and bad parts for me. The speed, technology, and drivers/characters are good. On the bad side, there are too many rules, and the sport has gotten to be too politically correct. Unfortunately for me, the bad stuff makes the sport boring and a bit repulsive.

The rules I don't like include things like banning refueling, forcing teams to use different tire compounds, the qualifying minigame, DRS, and overly restrictive car design rules. I like dynamics and variety that emerge from simplicity rather than rules that try to force complexity, but usually end up leading to the same single solution for everybody.
The problem is a majority of fans like good racing over impressive innovation, so it ends up that they have to make regulations that let innovation thrive without making the racing boring. Hard to find a balance between those things. Also, the F1 rules are actually quite loose, with two main solutions. The Mercedes philosophy, which has a long, low, flat car, and the Red Bull philosophy, with a short, high rake angle, taller car. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully the new 2022 regulations will get a good balance, without all the winglets and dirty air, and with a good amount of innovation and better racing. Also it's almost impossible to race with these current era cars without DRS, so I think it's a good temporary solution until dirty air is at a minimum. Also refueling was banned due to the nature of an F1 pitstop, because it's a fast, high pressure, precise pitstop, and that makes it dangerous to refuel. Refueling may be cool, but if it's unsafe then it shouldn't exist. And qualifying is actually really fun to watch despite it's "Minigame" style.